Hardier Lime Lactation Cookies {Product Review}

"Now you can make Lactation Cookies yourself with just a few extra ingredients you already have in your kitchen, without running all over town to find the specialized ingredients, spending a lot for the small amounts needed for the recipe or taking the time to measure everything out. It’s all in one mix, from my kitchen to yours." 

In the early stages of learning the ins and outs of breastfeeding, I began to doubt my body and it's ability to sustain my little one. I almost gave up breastfeeding totally because I felt like my little girl was not getting full enough.

I began to research ways to increase milk supply and found several suggestions. I also found great foods and herbs to consume that will help. Well here in Alabama, it was almost impossible to find all these wild ingredients. Not to mention, they were pricey. I did not want to spend a ton of money for a whole jar when I only needed a teaspoon. 

That's when I found Hardier Lime on etsy. What a brilliant idea? Premade mixes for lactation cookies! Wonderful! 

Are they easy to make?
These cookies were so simple to make! I ordered the oatmeal raisin mix, first. All you need on hand is eggs, butter, and vanilla (optional)! The baking instructions are included! It comes in a high quality sealed bag. All you have to do is cut it open and mix in your other ingredients. I didn't follow the baking instructions to a T, I didn't really do much except mix everything together and make sure my dough was mixed really well. I didn't want to get down my mixer because the baby was sleeping (read: I'm just lazy). I was also VERY GENEROUS with the vanilla. I think I added two whole tablespoons.
Ingredients in the mix include:
oats :: sugar :: flour :: organic raisins :: organic brewers yeast :: 
 :: organic flaxseed meal ::  baking soda :: salt

I only had to bake them for 8 minutes and they came out perfect! It certainly made a generous two dozen! Next time I will have to make smaller cookies so they last longer!

How did they taste?
They were WONDERFUL! I didn't feel like I was eating a healthy treat! I felt as if I was indulging. In fact, they were so good, I ate like five in one day! They were a little grainy, but I only noticed because I was paying real good attention for review purposes! I loved them, and I just ordered my second batch - this time I'm going for the chocolate mix!

Did they work?
Coupled with drinking lots of water and these tablets, I saw a significant increase in milk supply. I swear by these cookies! Not only are they a great, healthy snack for nursing mothers, they actually work! That day that I ate five cookies? Yeah, I saw a significant increase in my supply. I had that "full feeling" all day and was able to stock up for when I returned back to work!

Hardier Lime also offers a Milk Enhancing Blend that you can add to your own baking, yogurt, or whatever! Check it out here! I can't wait to try it! Only $3.25. Her prices are the cheapest on etsy. TRUST ME!  I looked through hundreds of listings. 

I have in no way been compensated by Hardier Lime. These opinions are 100% my own; I just love to share awesome products with you guys!


Heather @ It's A Long Story said...

Hooray! I'm so glad you found something that works! Great job, momma!

Amanda said...

That's great! I had no idea that kind of stuff was available on Etsy!

Faith Konrath said...

Wow! Thanks for this review...the girls in my family have always had problems breastfeeding so this is something I may try if I run into any complications. Thanks Megan:)

The Not Quite Military Wife said...

I'm already worried about having enough milk to supply to my baby! Thanks for sharing, I've already bookmarked this page for when the time comes!

Callie Nicole said...

I'll have to keep these in mind for our next baby! I didn't have many supply issues with my son UNTIL i went back to work, so I might have to give these a try when I go back to work this time.

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