I'm a list maker.
You know that saying "it's not official until it's on facebook"? Well, for yours truly, it's not official until it's been put on a list. I need to set some goals for myself. I need to put it down on "paper" and the work towards my goals. As you may have seen in the previous post, I'm still kinda in a baby fog.... and I need to get out of it. There are several areas of my life that I'm not giving enough attention to.

Spiritual Life:
I'd like to make time for Jesus in my morning routine. I need him before I start my day, especially in the mornings. In the mornings I'd like to pray over my day, my husband's day, and lift up all the requests I have on my heart. This will be the time where I am quiet and listen to God's still small voice and meditate over a few verses.

In the evenings I will dig into scripture about marriage, husbands, wives, and diligiently pray for my husband using the guide from "The Power of a Praying Wife" and using Rebbeca's prayer cards

Life as A Spouse:
I'm going to make it my daily goal to worry about being kind, loving, compassionate to my husband instead of worrying about the small tasks to be done in my home. This will seem contradictory to my homemaking goals, but The goal here is to put the spousal goals before the homemaking goals. 

Motherly Goals:
Drink more water & have more patience. Spend daily "play time" with my daughter. Nursing, changing, and bathing don't count.

Home Goals
Pick up the common areas daily. Cook three meals during the week. Wash bottles every other day.   Cooking three meals a week is a challenge for me. I'm going to snag myself a crock pot, and try to make more preparations in the mornings & previous nights for meals. Easy clean up is key! I gotta reach my mommy and wifey goals!

Bloggy World:
I'm going to be realistic with these goals. I'm going to post 4 times a week. One of these being a weekend/baby update and one other being SOMETHING crafty. One of the remaining will be a spiritual post, and then the fourth one is a freebie. I'm not going to schedule, but I am setting goals.

I really REALLY wanna get to sewing again. I want to express myself and be creative. I'm going to set a goal to do something creative once a week. There are so many ideas floating around in this brain of mine... and they're actually pretty good. Time is my issue though. Can I borrow some of yours?

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Clever Blonde -Donna G said...

Loved this, it is an inspiration. I'm putting Col 3:23 on the wall tomorrow.

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