The Way of Entrance

I am guilty of not knowing what my style is for my home. I love everything. I like a lot of different things. Does that mean my style is eclectic? Isn't that another word for weird? Pinterest is a great source for many ideas, but I think there is a such thing as TOO many ideas. Then I second guess, and never make a decision and my inspiration is void.

We built a house and moved in November. I have yet to really decorate my home. I mean, I put some stuff up, made a collage wall, dedicated a room for crafting, and kinda cordinated the master. The only room that is truly decorated is the nursery.

My entry way has been bothering me lately. I'm so ashamed to even show these photos. This table is the place where all the mis matched decor just landed. There is no theme, no purpose, and it's not appealing. I even have a scrap of carpet as the rug. Oh my. Decor Police are on their way I'm sure.

Don't judge me for this photo please....

Whew. Glad that's over. I do love that antique mirror, though, so it's staying. I paid $10 for it at a yard sale!!! Now, let's find a solution. Here are some things I found on Pinterest that made me go "ooooh." I want to put this inspiration into action. I just don't know which one I like. Better  yet, which one is my style.

I love the idea of a pop of color...

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

Look how sophisticated this is though??
Source: via Megan on Pinterest                                                     

Then we have the practical, with built in storage...

Source: via Megan on Pinterest                                                      

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

Well, isn't this just gorgeous?

Oh and here's an antique mirror

Now, isn't this a grand idea!

I need help! Do you have any ideas or inspiration to share? What about a good pinterest board for me to look at?

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