Madison is now four months old and more fun than ever.

She has the most beautiful smile and loves to share it. Madison is very much a chatter box in the mornings while watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while mommy cooks breakfast and prepares for the day. Sometimes she makes it very hard for her mommy to leave for work since she just gazes at her mommy and tells her all about her dreams.

Madison is still not consistently rolling over, but she does it randomly. Mommy has a hard time making Madison do tummy time at night because all she wants to do is snuggle.

Madison is now laughing, especially when mommy nibbles on her cheeks and neck. You'd be surprised how high pitched mommy's voice can go!

Madison is now squeezing into the remainder of her size one diapers and will be in size 2 when those run out. She wears a range of sizes. She can wear newborn pants because she is so slender. They are just "capris." She can wear some 0-3 month clothes, but mostly 3-6. She weighs 13 pounds and 11.5 ounces, is average height, and has a big ole head.

Madison enjoys her Nursery at church, and supposedly behaves really well for the nursery workers.

She is enamored by her daddy. She loves him so much. She follows him around the room when he gets home from work, and she loves how silly he is with her. Madison will talk with her daddy and they share lots of secrets with each other. Madison thinks her dad is rad.

She loves to suck on her hands and gnaw on Mommy and Daddy's hands. She is learning to grab things and take them to her mouth, but still doesn't have complete control over her arms/hands.

Madison loves sitting in her bumbo seat (safely).

There is enough hair on the top of her head to clip a bow!

Madison takes all her baths with her mommy. She splishes and splashes like a champ.

At four months, Madison is consistently sleeping through the night with a random "paci cry" every now and again. She's been a great sleeper. She actually takes a really good nap at night, wakes up for about an hour, and then will go back to bed around 9:30.

Madison has acquired some new nicknames, most of them with the root of "booger."
Booger Bear
Boogie Head
Mommy has also been calling her "Madisony Smithsony" "Smithsony," or "Madisony."

We will be trying a little bit of oatmeal soon :)

Mommy has officially become content with this season of life. Sometimes comparison sneaks in, but things are going really well. Mommy's got the hang of being a working, nursing, pumping mommy. God is good :).



Jacy said...

SO amazing and awesome!!! Love this update xoxo
PS: She doesn't have a big ole head! haha

BeaumontGirl said...

Found you through Mommy Moments!!!!!


Camille said...

So sweet. :)

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