Why I Quit Pinterest

Pinterest is a wonderful resource.

A great way to find ideas, inspiration, and new products.

It is a wonderful tool to use to get your awesome tutorial to go viral in seconds with your perfectly edited pictures and the cute little text name in the bottom right hand corner (not judging, I'm guilty, too)

But I have given it up.

I did not delete my account, nor did I delete all my pins. I quite browsing Pinterest for several reasons. I still use it as my "google for all things crafty," but I do not sign in and scroll, scroll, scroll like I used to. I only go to it when I have a specific thing I'm looking for. Here, lately, it has been for recipes. I feel like there is such a thing as "inspiration overload." Being too  inspired. Like, so inspired that your brain cannot process all the perfect little craft pins enough to complete them. I have gotten so many ideas from pinterest that I was dragged down. Getting angry at myself for having a plethora of ideas, but nothing to show for them. This is not healthy.

Then I began to compare myself to those who I found on Pinterest.

All their perfect photos.

Having time to do amazing sewing projects.

Gorgeous craft rooms.

Spotless homes.

Great tips for cleaning? Shoot, I'm lucky if I even wipe the counters down some days. Please don't make me feel worse because I haven't tried out this new idea for getting my fireplace all spic and span.

So, there. I gave up Pinterest. Well, sorta.


kelli@eatprayreadlove. said...

Oh I so agree. I rarely sign in anymore. I am about to have 4 kids, homeschooling 2 of them- I don't have as much time for crafts as I used to!
Thanks for sharing. :)

Samantha said...

I don't scroll or copy nearly as much as I use to. SO much going on, but you know what? Kudos! I'm glad we as moms know how to adjust our lives (and our schedules) to the demands of mommy hood!

Aleks said...

good for you girl! i dont pin things anymore, and i deleted all of my wedding boards. im just use it as a 'google' really. i have a pin board of crafts that got out of control. i am going to declutter it and make it my organized to do list for crafts i want to try.

Jessica said...

LOVE IT! I love Pinterest but I definitely feel the need to be too perfect and feel too inspired too. NOBODY's perfect though, odds are they're faking it...lol!

Tara said...

I only ever hop on to look for something specific. It is too overwhelming. I did find some cute ways to use baby food jars...want some?!?

Anonymous said...

good for you for recognizing a problem and making a change...that's the toughest part!

Anita said...

I rarely check it out myself these days for the exact same reason! Glad to hear I'm not the only one who began to feel a little intimidated by it all!

Laura said...

I can so relate! It's sometimes just too much. Good for you!

Maria-Isabel @ Agape Love Designs said...

Lol you are so funny, girl! :) But this is so right on, I'm not on interest as much either just scrolling along, I just like to use it as a bookmark for things I need or want to read and look at again. Or to promote my own posts. Oh and I too use it as my new Google search! Lol

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