Costco: Cost More?

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I'm curious about Costco.
For those of you who aren't familiar, it's like a Sams - buying in bulk.

I'm trying to weigh out the benefits here.

I only buy our meat at our local Winn Dixie when it's buy one get one free.
I usually buy frozen produce - or canned (party foul, i know) - because it's just two of us for now, but I will be making heaps of baby food soon. Could I buy a month's worth of groceries and not spend $645,345 on extra stuff?

Things I would buy there:

  • Produce
  • Baby products - Diapers/Wipes
  • Meats
  • Most grocery items
  • Gifts?
  • Gas?

Do any of you have a Costco membership?
What are the benefits?
What else can you tell me about Costco?


Jenna said...

I'm curious about this too, I have no idea! But I know not everything is a good deal there.

LP aka A Crafty Southern Chick said...

We don't use Costco, we use Sam's...but I'm assuming they're fairly similar in pricing. We buy our paper towels, toilet paper, dog food, detergent, milk, and eggs there, always. The milk at Sam's (now that my son drinks whole milk) is about 50-75 cents cheaper per gallon, and since we're there know? Same with eggs. Sam's has cartons of 18, and you get 2 of those for like...$3? It's so much cheaper.

Also, we get our wipes there, and ground beef, and I use frozen chicken a lot and the bags of that are larger and cheaper than our local grocery store. Some of the produce at Sam's is cheaper Colston adores fresh raspberries. The small little container of those at our Publix is usually 4.99. I get a container twice the size at Sam's, for 3.99.

I would bet Costco is about the same...and I bet they have some clothing too, like Sam's. I've gotten great deals on sleepers for Colston at Sam's--they get Carter's pj's for about half the price I'd pay at Carter's.

Ashley said...

We have a Costco membership and I love it! I don't buy everything from there but quite a lot of things we do use are cheaper when bought there. Wipes is a big money saver for us, as well as milk, cottage cheese, bananas, grapes, eggs, spinach, fruit. I don't buy a lot my canned stuff there because I think generic at my local fred meyer is cheaper. Gifts and clothes are cheaper there, as well and movie tickets too. If we buy our movie tickets at Costco first we save five dollars!

We buy our chicken breast from there in bulk and hambuger patties as well as cheese and lunchmeat too. I guess we do buy quite a bit there. haha

Mary Morris @ said...

I love Costco! We don't have Sam's here. I have an Executive Membership (business plus 1% rebate) and our rebate covers our membership fee and then some. We are a household of 4 adults so all toiletries, canned goods, spices, baking items, office supplies, chicken, frozen lasagna, prescriptions and more come from Costco. We still need to shop at a traditional grocery store for items. I suggest you go with someone who has a membership and scope it out for your family.

Clever Blonde -Donna G said...

Oh how I wish and pray for one or anything like one. Aldi or Costco or Ikea. We are left out too often as we love in a regional town 11 hrs driv kms from our state capital. Enjoy.

Kate Craig said...

We don't have a Costco but someone gave me some of their diapers and wipes and they are the best! I find Sam's a good deal for paper products and "fancy" food that doesn't have a lot of coupons like dried fruit and nuts.

Camille said...

We save a LOT of money by getting certain things at Costco, like OTC medicines, diapers, wipes, toiletries, and various food products such as ketchup and cereal. The only problem is when you end up seeing stuff and spending a ton of extra money, lol. I've gone in there for a few food items and come out with new furniture before!

Anonymous said...

We have a costco membership and it is worth it for some stuff.
Their produce is great, because they offer a lot of organic things. I know you like to be chemical free in your home, so I would assume you don't like GMO's in your food too.

With couponing, my grocery store is cheaper than costco on a lot of things, but it does have its perks.

MSDeyle said...

Please please PLEASE write a follow up post about what you've learned. I have all of the same questions as you. Our city is just now getting Costco's and I want to know if it is worth it and if we should switch from Sam's Club... :)

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