nine twenty six

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My husband is at home with our girl and I'm super jealous.
I ate a pint of ice cream on the way to work.
I went the wrong way down a one way street.
My husband will be living out his dream tonight playing music for Jesus.
I got baby snuggles this morning because of mommy guilt.
I committed to something big - brick and mortar big.
Picking out outfits for family photos is hard.

That is all.


Aleks said...

keep your head up sweet girl!
Your husband is creating precious memories with your sweet daughter.
Ice cream is the number one breakfast food, didnt you know that? Everyone eats it on the way to work.
i drove the wrong way everyday for a month at Purdue because i couldnt get the streets figured out.
Your husband is living out Jesus's plan tonight, bringing his heart closer to God so he can continue to be the best husband possible for you.
Baby snuggles in the morning are little reminders of what you get to come home to.
God committed your heart to something big because he KNOWS you can handle it.
picking out outfits is the BEST!! and you have great style so you got this!

as far as not going to any awesomesauce blogger retreats or meet ups, im right there with ya! im actually lamer bc one of the retreats are IN my town. IN MY TOWN and im not even going. what a loser i am.

keep your head up, you are a Godly woman and thats all you need.

and ice cream.
we always need that.

whitneycroy said...

Love how honest you are! you have been such an encouragement to me since I found your blog! cant wait to hear what this brick and mortar thing might be.. Hope your day is blessed.


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