can ya talk a little louder?

It's amazing how God orchestrates the details in our life.
He is so omniscient. All - knowing.

I'm being vague, yes I know, but I'm going through something pretty tough right now. I've been battling several things for a while now, and I feel like decision time is just around the corner. A leap of faith. An act of wisdom and knowledge. I'm afraid to make the wrong decision. I'm afraid that I don't know God "good enough" to make the right decision. I'm sad that God just hasn't plastered my answers on a billboard somewhere that said "YES MEGAN!" or "WAIT MEGAN!" Obviously, He doesn't always work that way. He wants us to seek Him and strive to hear his voice.

What do you do when you have no idea what the right decision is? What scripture do you turn to? Like forreals - I need your help here.

Sunday we had an offer for some tickets to go to a Shane & Shane // Phil Wickham Christmas concert the next day. My type A "planner" personality wanted to say no. I didn't want to leave my baby. I didn't want to have to orchestrate there wheres and whens of my baby's schedule last night. I didn't wanna be out late. I didn't want to neglect my home & my grocery list again.

I went. I knew my husband loves Shane & Shane and has listened to them for years. The tickets were free. Why not?


God shared with me this song. These lyrics. They're just for me {and I'm sure others, but on that night, at that moment - it was for me!}

So listen to this song. It's my anthem right now!

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Whitney @ My Southern Comfort said...

You, my friend, must be hearing every prayer I have made to our Almighty every night for the passed week! be looking for an email from me very soon :)

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