Not a single gift wrapped.

 Hi everyone! I have taken a hiatus apparently. I went into blogger hiding. I had this radical idea to do a {mostly} handmade Christmas. It's such a great idea and I'm loving it. It's also a terrible idea at the same time. It's kinda stressful, but the rewards of seeing my handmade gifts come together has been so rewarding. I haven't had to fight the crowds at department stores or anything - I've just had to fight for time to get into my craft room and create. No, I'm not finished - and I don't have a single gift wrapped.Seriously, I will probably be wrapping gifts in the car on the way to family's house. I may skip that part this year! Haha! My husband and I have a hard time keeping our gifts a secret, so we exchanged them about a week ago. We've never once opened a gift from each other on Christmas Day. It's just what we do.

Having an 8 month old makes Christmas totally different. Totally. She craves my attention at night, and I hate not giving it to her. Also, she has not felt well these past few days so I'm soaking up some sick baby snuggles {the only time I get snuggles from her}. I will be that person scurrying about on Christmas Eve trying to get things together. Oh well. Long live procrastinators.

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas! And remember to bless someone less fortunate this year. It's always very rewarding!

And no blog post is complete without baby pictures.


Sarah Yoder said...

Love your entry way! (and those yarn wrapped ornaments!) Merry Christmas, sweet girl!

Jennifer S said...

Your decorations are adorable. I made a few homemade things, the stuff I bought was purchased mostly online. But like you, not a single present is wrapped! Yep, this weekend is going to be really busy and full of late nights - or maybe that should be later nights since my 20 month old seems to think she needs to stay up until 10 most nights! :-) I am looking forward to her joy this christmas though, so that should help!

The Not Quite Military Wife said...

Her Christmas outfit is the cutest!!

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