Ok, sorry. I lied to you guys yesterday.

Today I am going to do Madison's extremely late 8 month update.

Where do I start? She's a mover and a shaker. She wiggles and she giggles. She is not crawling totally yet. She gets too mad to actually try. She kinda squirms around a little, but is not officially crawling. I get kinda concerned sometimes because that's the first thing people ask, "Is she crawling yet?" She's not... part of me does not care, but then another part wonders if I should be concerned.

Madison had a great time during Christmas, but I will not elaborate on that since it's technically not supposed to be in her 8 month update {from the 13th}.

She is such an eater. She will eat all day and all night long if we let her. We've had some complications with nursing lately. She arches her back and screams, not cries, screams, at me. It's just not fast enough for her. We are trying to work out way through this and help her to learn that it's different when mommy feeds her. She's done so good for so long, so I can't hold it against her. I won't force it on her if she doesn't want to continue nursing, but it will break my heart. It will also break the bank. We aren't ready for that financially. Nursing Madison exclusively on the weekends is what boosts my supply back up for the week, and if she decides not to nurse any more, it will be formula all the way.

She has become very social and loves children and babies! Unfortunately she shows her affection aggressively. She grabs and pulls other children to her. Some children soak it up and love her "baby love" others hate it and want her to get away. We hope it's just a phase and that it doesn't develop into biting, but if it does we will address it.

Madison does this thing where she goes "eh! eh! eh! heh! heh! eh!" And if someone does it back to her she will just keep the chain rolling with a mocking game. It's pretty cute. She loves mommy's iphone and wants to eat it constantly.

We tried a little more solid foods for her to pick up and eat herself, but she was not interested. She's lazy and wants someone else to feed her. Her pincher grasp is in full effect though - she will feed her self puffs by the handful if we let her!

Madison is an all around good baby. She can be taken pretty much any where - shopping, out to eat, church, long trips- and she is good to go!

That's all for this months very late update!
Mother of the year right here.
BUT... The outtakes from this month pretty much sum up my girl.


Mrs. Schafer said...

I had my son a day before you- 12th. We are going through the same thing with nursing, it's just not fast enough.
But we are making it work...thanks to patience :). It can take him a long time to eat since he stops & sits up so much since the milk doesn't flow the same as a bottle.
Good luck- she's such a cutie!
Here's to a new year full of breastfeeding! (hopefully)

katie ridings said...

Happy 8 months!! cutie!!

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