Dear Fat Girl

Dear Fat High School Girl,

Just because you are a different shape than your friends, does not classify you as fat. Just because you have hips and a few more curves than the size 3 or 4 friend doesn't mean that you are ugly. You know that saying you always tell yourself, "everything is relative," it is especially true in this situation. Except for the fact that comparing yourself to your friends on the cheer squad will always result in an unfortunate outlook on your own body. You are beautiful and you are hesitant to highlight and be confident in the things you think are beautiful about yourself because there is always that looming "but you are a big girl" in the back of your mind. Your world is consumed with cheerleading and with being athletic. Just because you are strong, and on the bottom of the pyramid, this does not classify you as fat. So what your stomach hangs a little over your pants... when you sit down!! There are bigger battles to be fought. Nonetheless, you are beautiful on the inside. You are a fan of the underdog. You stick up for the kids who are picked on. You have friends from every spectrum. You love and appreciate all walks of life. One day, this one special guy will notice that. You will then realize that beauty is truly on the inside when he brings out the best in you.

Dear Fat College Girl,

One hundred and fifty pounds? Seriously, you think that is fat!?! Your frame needs to carry more weight than that. What you don't know about your body is that it needs nourishment. It needs at least three meals a day. You starving your 150lb frame is not going to make you healthy. It will not make you beautiful. Those collar bones you admire, they make you look sick. You think you look terrible in that skimpy two piece dance uniform? Who wouldn't? You are striving for a flawless body with an impeccable six pack at the cost of your own health. Eat, my child. You will recover from this affliction, but it will scar you for life.

Yeah, you have large, muscular legs. That is your story. You are athletic, you didn't grow up in a ballet studio like your dance teammates. You enjoy the more rigorous approach to fitness. You worked hard and lifted a lot of weight.

Little do you know that there is man out there who will one day appreciate your curves. He will love your body just the way God made it. You want to know why? Because you were created just for him. God designed you inch by inch and curve by curve to meet your husbands' desires. You are perfect. You are beautiful.

One more thing, fat girl, your body will one day carry an unborn child. It will grow and stretch even more than before. You will have physical scars to always remind you of the beautiful time she was in your womb. You will take on a new shape. A motherly shape, and this, too, is beautiful. You will miraculously grow your daughter, nourish her, and allow her sweet fingers and toes to develop. Even more, your body will nourish her for the first year of her life. This body that you are calling fat, is a miracle. It is beautiful. Appreciate it. Admire it. Accept it. "There could never be a more beautiful you."

The Life Of Faith


Megan said...

That was beautiful, Megan. Thanks for sharing!

smiley said...

love this, bless you!

Sarah said...

Great post Megan! Made me tear up. Thanks for sharing.

Jessica @ Freckles & Dirt said...

Absolutely beautiful post Megan!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

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