Confessions of an Inconsistent Blogger

I am an inconsistent blogger.
I have a life outside of an online presence.
I do not live on my computer.
I do not work out of my home.
My pictures aren't edited in fancy software.
Heck, they're taken with my iPhone.
I don't read many other blogs, unless they are on my Newsfeed at night.
I don't have time to have a blog schedule.
I go days, er weeks?, without a single post.
I don't focus on those fancy words that help you when people google words.
I don't have cool art.
I don't have sponsors.
I can't afford to be a sponsor.
No online shop here.
My facebook page is a desert.
I often get distracted by life when I sit down to blog.
I have lost connection with my online friends.
I miss my online community.
I'm an inconsistent blogger,
and I'm okay with that. 

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