I'm a Baby Hoarder

When Madison was an infant, I was accused of "hoarding" my child. I was told that I was possessive and that I was going to spoil her, especially since I was breastfeeding. She would supposedly want no one but me and her father.

I stand strong to tell you that I was a baby hoarder.
Hi. I'm Megan, and I'm a baby hoarder.

I stayed home with my child as much as possible. I didn't really want people holding her during her naps, and we didn't go out too much. I "hoarded" my child. As a working mom, it was just my natural instinct to want to be home with her and soak up all that I could of her newborn snuggles.

Today, I hoard my family. On many Mondays we will have a nice, fresh, clean week ahead, but by Tuesday, maybe Wednesday, our entire week/weekend has been booked. That is, unless we hoard our baby. Unless we hoard family time.

With labor day weekend coming up, we have family coming to town, and we are super excited about the activities we have planned. We can't wait to see our sister, brother, and sweet niece (with her new glasses to boot!). After making those arrangements, though, it is so easy to slip into the cycle of "yes." Yes, we will do that. Yes, we will go there. Yes, we have free time.

Just because we have free time doesn't mean we have to book it up, even if, especially if, we feel obligated. Don't get me wrong, it is super important to spend time with extended family - they are precious to us. They do come second to immediate family, though {GASP!}. I am a strong believer that if we have adequate time at home just the three of us, we function much better as a family unit. We get along better, we eat better, we play better, etc. If our tank is not full of "home time" we do not go out and about with family/friends.

What about honoring your mother and father? There comes a point in time in life where honoring your mother and father mean doing what is best for your new family, your immediate family, your household as we call it in the insurance world.
{note: this is not a passive aggressive jab at any of my family members - just some thoughts!}

I read in a marriage book recently {Sheet Music} that many couples are taking the challenge to not be away from the house more than two nights a week. Many couples told stories of the sacrifices they had to make, but they also shared how close their family unit was. We have church on Wednesday nights, and usually a weekend outing. Other than that we protect our family time. Extended families don't mean any harm, but extended families can pull us away from a noble cause. "Good" events can, too. Such as church, ball practice, ballet, music lessons, etc. They are all a great cause and are so very purposeful in expanding your child's knowledge and skill, but at what cost? If it is causing more stress than joy, is it truly an adequate expense of your time?

Are you willing to sacrifice family time for things that aren't worth it?

Hello, I'm Megan, and I'm a baby hoarder through and through.
Oh, and my child is social and enjoys other people just as much as her mommy.

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Becky said...

I love this post!! The term "baby hoarder" is so funny, but so true. I feel the exact same way that you do. We live far away from family and friends, so we constantly have weekends full of visitors or us going somewhere to visit. As much as I love seeing everyone, I sometimes feel like we just miss time as a family. We are trying to do a better job of prioritizing it, but people look at you funny when you say that you are just having a "family weekend."

Becky @ mysweetmoose.blogspot.com

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