Tantrums? Never!

I mean, I have tantrums sometimes.
I get mad, say things I don't mean, and do things I regret.
Shoot, sometimes I throw stuff.
Or wanna hit stuff.

It's a natural reaction to our emotion.

How do we address this with our children?

My child is what I like to call passionate.
She knows what she wants, and she knows when she wants it.

If she doesn't get it, she is mad.

Hopefully, this will mean that in her adult life she will chase after her dreams and let no one stop her or get in the way. Hopefully she will stand behind a cause and be passionate about it. Hopefully this will translate to her being strong willed {yet kind} and determined.

Today, I didn't do something she wanted me to do
{like give her my phone, or let her smash the computer, or carry around our car keys}
and she got so mad at me, she wadded up her shirt and clamped down on that sucker with her teeth. She just bit into it like a mad woman.

Now, I can relate to those emotions and those feelings but I cannot accept that behavior. I am opposed to spanking her, or popping her on her hand for tantrums and rages like the aforementioned because she will just lash out even more.

What I have been doing though is just removing her from the situation and removing my attention from her. I let her work through her tantrum and try not to laugh because, seriously, it's hilarious sometimes. A time out, if you will.

I don't know what else to do. Suggestions?
Do you have a "passionate" child?

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Sarah said...

haha, I don't have much experience with tantrums like that, but the one time my kid threw a tantrum, throwing himself to the ground crying type of tantrum, my husband and I actually laughed, I got the camera and took a picture of him. He looked at me taking his picture and thought...that was not the reaction I was going for, got up and walked toward me gave me a hug and hasn't done it since...keeping fingers crossed, that was about a year ago. Not to say he doesn't cry when he doesn't get his way, but like yours he's easily distracted.

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