A break from reality...

This past weekend I got to partake in a peaceful vacation with my wonderful family. I was so grateful to take a break from the misery of unemployment. It started out on such a great note when RJ got off of work an hour early and we were able to make great time to Florida. We had a great time with a specially created play list full of my “hippy” favorites and a few sing alongs. After a few complications with a very confused TomTom (it told us that the Target we were looking for was in the middle of a neighborhood, which, indeed, it was not), we soon arrived to our Condo where my Mom, Dad, Sis, and Garrett were relaxing. Because RJ and I were tired from a full day of work, errands, cleaning and packing, we just wanted to see the beach for a minute and relax for a fun weekend.

Our first day got off to a wonderful start. RJ and myself woke up and watched the sunrise a
nd did our devotionals together on the beach. We were able to see some dolphins pretty close to the shore and make a crane friend. I am so grateful for RJ, and that morning is one of my fondest memories we have together.

One of my goals for the weekend was to read a book while I was there. Many of you kno
w that I am NOT a casual reader. I do not enjoy reading anything but educational books. I ended up choosing The Magician’s Nephew by C.S. Lewis. I thoroughly enjoyed it and finished it in one day. It was a good, easy read, and I did have a hard time putting it down. On the other hand, it is not often that I have time to just sit back and read leisurely. Therefore, I have not discovered a new hobby. That first day we made a mile and a half trip down the beach (on foot) to discover our favorite place of the beach. There were some great Jetties that made some really great photos (see the slide show at the end :D ). After a long day on the beach and by the pool, the lobsters decided to stay in and relax that night.

The following day we went back to the area of the jetties after some small amount of confusion. The water there was simply intoxicating. It was as if you were in a different world, though there was a somewhat sad discovery made here. Thousands of dead jelly fish had washed up on the shore. I’m not sure if it was a result of the oil spill or the recent storm; it was very sad nonetheless considering
the effect of massive deaths of any species in the ecosystem. Though these pesky little creatures aren’t very popular amongst the human population, they do serve their purpose throughout the marine ecosystem. Sea turtles, sun fish, and even crabs munch on these delicate creatures. Jellyfish also serve as shelter for some guppies that are immune to their sting (such as Nemo).

We got to see the Chapman and Watson family and ate some delicious fresh seafood at Gilligan‘s. Though the food was good, it was not an experience I would recommend to anyone looking for exceptional facilities and service. That very same night we went out to the Marina and listened to some of the live music resonating across the water from some happening bar. My darling sweet fiancĂ© also took his guitar and played some for me. I surely do love to listen to the gentle strums of the acoustic guitar, especially when it’s a cutie like my RJ making the music!

Our last day was slow and bittersweet, but RJ and I spent some time by the pool and soon decided to head out to lunch just the two of us. We ate at place called the Fisherman’s Wharf; if you are ever in the Destin area, I suggest you eat there if you are looking for a reasonably priced lunch menu for a hefty portion of food for delicious food. I tasted Mahi Mahi for the first time, and it was delicious! We took a few pictures after that and headed home.

I am so glad that I had the chance to see the famous white sand beaches. I had a revelation on the drive home and realized how blessed I am to live in such a beautiful part of the country. It is not an insurmountable task to drive to the beach or even to the mountains in less than a day. We are a short drive from beautiful vacation points, and I will get to see the mountains in November. If you have not been to the beach in a while, I suggest you get south and support the businesses of the Gulf of Mexico while they still have products, goods, and services to offer. These people’s worlds are about to be turned upside down as the oil sneaks closer and closer by the minute. You are doing yourself a large disservice if you do not visit one of God’s beautiful blessings upon this part of the country. See the famous white sands whilst they are still white.

Oil is seen along the shoreline of Port Fourchon, La., Monday, May 31, 2010. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)


Living in Taradise said...

You guys can be at the beach all the time ;) Just come on down!!!

Megan Wynn said...

Ah sweet! Thanks Tara!

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