Quick Craft Update.

I've been doing a wee bit of "crafting lately... This here specimen is something I'm actually a little bit proud of. I bought an old doily at a garage sale a few weekends ago with the intentions of getting crafty with it. I pasted some scrapbook paper to the back of the 11x14 frame (from Hobby Lobby), scrunched up the doily, and put a 5x7 picture up front. What do you think? I'm definitely gonna do another, but this one's home is going to be in our Master BR :)

These buddies here are for our (future) guest bedroom that I am very excited about. It is going to be in reds and blues. I have picked out a sky blue comforter and red sheets for the room. If everything works out appropriately, we will be putting some LOVELY twin beds, that have been so graciously handed down to RJ, in this room for our many guests (Revision June 20, 2010: instead of the two twin beds, we will be taking the full size bed I am currently sleeping on from my parents house and will but a fancy red coat of paint on it).  I'm hoping to get cutesy and do a cool feature wall in this room with some bold blue and red stripes.
Like the example below (except proportionate =] )

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