Vibrams: Mile 2 and 3

As I prepare for my second run in my Vibrams, I begin to get really pumped about my run. I get my cute little (big) running outfit on, pull my hair back in a nice tight bun that my old dance instructor would be proud of, grab my head band, and head to the closet for my coveted Vibrams. As I grab the loved ones out of my closet and head to the living room to put them on (because I still need a little space while putting them on), I notice HOLES! My heart sinks and tears well up in my eyes. Ok, maybe no tears, but I really wanted to cry. I overlook it and squeeze every one of my toesies into their respective sleeve. I head to the computer and get the 800 number for Vibram customer service. Of course, they were closed. I left a very polite message noting my satisfaction with the performance of the product and left my phone number. I trek on to the park for my run. To my great surprise I was super unable to run an entire mile (that I conquered with mild difficulty previously). I ran my half mile in complete pain. This pain was in my chest, lungs, and heart. I recently had a spell with my heart, so I chalked it up to that (even though I know it was because I was missing my running partner). Determined to travel my two miles, I simply walked the next 6 laps. This workout was great! I was able to reflect upon some spiritual things and clear my mind. Come to find out, walking in my Vibrams worked my legs more than my run.

I finally had someone approach me about my “weird shoes.” It was a middle aged man who was on the phone relaying my every word to his companion. He asked me several questions… the expected: Are they comfortable? Do they hurt? How much do they cost? Etc. I had another girl whisper to a friend as I ran past her (sitting on a bench), “now that girl is a challenger, did you see her shoes?” I wanted to simply tell her to walk the track instead of watch it; she could be a “challenger,” TOO!

I did some stretching in the grass afterwards in hopes of easing the soreness from my “run.”

The next day I was in a comfortable state of soreness, and I received a phone call from Rick with Vibram customer service telling me the key points of their 90 day warrantee. Yay! I will return them once I see that I have a break in my running schedule, this may take a while.

Two days after my “run”… OUCH! Pain pain pain! My big toe is sore to the touch, my pinky toe feels like it is going to fall off, my baby cows are mooing, my obliques are sore (yesss!), and my back muscles are slightly tense… I love it! This feeling is great! The pain in my feet is simply from the adjustment to the new running style, and it will wear away with time.

Now, I must part with my new shoes in order to get a new, less holey, pair.

Note: the holes are from user error. I clumsily stumped my toes several times during my first run as I adjusted to the new running style.

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