Dear Heavenly Father,

I'm weary
You know the conversation my husband and I just had about our finances. This battle has been long and has dragged out. I'm ready for it to be over. I know that no matter what, you are Lord. You are King over this situation and will provide. In fact, I know exactly which day you are going to provide, but it seems so far away. Lord, I"m so tired of adding, subtracted and changing our week to week budget due to 
unexpected expenses. 
I know that this is petty, and that there are people in far corners of the world who would give the life of their loved ones to have the small amount in my checking account. We heard about them this morning from my sister-in-law Tara. Lord, I'm sorry for worrying about affording church functions. I almost let Satan win today. I almost backed out of a potentially life-changing bible study because I didn't want to write a $10 dollar check. Sad. I know that you are going to provide! Lord, I praise you for this trial. I praise you that you will be victorious over the temptation to wallow in my sorrow
I'm so joyous. 
I'm so blessed we prepared ourselves our family financial for this hard time. I'm so glad we were smart and put plenty of money away for the "just in cases," but we weren't aware that it would happen so soon. Thank you for my loving husband who has clung to me instead of fighting against me during this hard time. We are a team, and we are certainly acting like it now. We could have fallen into the temptation of arguing over financial obligations- thank you for preparing us spiritually for these potentially ground shaking times. Lord, please provide for us until March 16th. 
My first pay day. 

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Aleks said...

i really needed this post today.
we are struggling this month with moving expenses and living off a college kid paycheck. i just need to back down and let the Lord take control.
thanks for posting this.
your way to awesome!

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