{LML} and a recipe

I love my life. 

I had the greatest day today with my hubby.
We got to sleep in together, which is something we haven't been able to do for a long time. Various obligations have kept us up and running early on Saturday mornings - including work for RJ. After we crawled out of the bed around 10:00am, we cooked a late breakfast together. We sat down and spontaneously watched a random movie,  I, Robot with Will Smith. It was a really good movie that I haven't seen in a while!

After the movie we ventured out and did some shopping. It was such a beautiful day that we just couldn't pass up a "Saturday drive." We drove out to Wetumpka, talked a lot, and realized that we have some really big decisions to make soon. I might blog more about that on a later date. Possibly tomorrow, or Monday. 

I just had such a great time taking it easy on a Saturday with my hubster. We had nowhere to be at no specific time. This was a blessing, and I soaked it in! 

We eventually headed home after a very 
thoughtful drive.
 I cooked my infamous Chicken Spaghetti (recipe below) for hubster and his bff. Headed to the park afterwards and played around.

I love my life.


My {mother's} Chicken Spaghetti
feeds four petite mouths, three not so petite mouths

1 pound = 16 oz = 1 box of noodles of your choice
we use shells or bowties... which doesn't make it spaghetti, I know. 

1 small package = 16 oz of velveeta cheese

4 chicken breasts
I use boneless/skinless for convenience

1 can of Rotel

Super easy instructions:
Boil the chicken in a large pot
This makes it super moist in order to pull apart.
While the chicken is boiling, dice your velveeta cheese and set aside.
Strain chicken.
While pulling apart the chicken into bite size pieces, boil the noodles in the same large pot.
Drain juice from rotel.
Stir all ingredients together.

I serve with garlic bread and salad.

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Anonymous said...

YUMMY! I want some chicken spaghetti. Let me leave you with a tune......

This is the story of a girl, who doing laundry was her whole world...and though she looked so good in photographs he absolutely loved her when she smiles!

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