I’m Aggravated.

I’m upset because I have no time.
I have no time to make and create like I want to.

I have to squeeze in little projects with ten minutes here,
thirty minutes there, so on so forth. Which is annoying.

I’d love to sit down and really learn my new
sewing machine, but I have no time. I’ve made a few
very simple things, but I’m not satisfied with that.

I guess I thought that this sewing machine would change my
creative process overnight. Well, it’s been years since I’ve
even touched a sewing machine, and I just need some practice.

I just want to make cute zipper pouches.
Ya know, the ones like these that are so adorable??
Maybe add a ruffle once i get the hang of it??

or maybe even a few camera straps...
and of course these are darling with ruffles, too

I don’t have a table, so I do all my cutting on my carpeted floors.
I don’t have a fancy rolling cutter thing,
nor could I use it on my carpet.

Cutting out patterns is really difficult in a little 4x4 space
on the floor. I just long to have a little more time to
Really digest this whole process, learn from it,
and accomplish “great” things with this machine.
[which is another reason why we're house hunting...
more on that later, though]

The only time I have to really sit down and
Be crafty is at home after my full day of work.
I get home around 5:30.
Fix dinner.
Clean up from dinner.
And by that time it’s usually about 7:00.
Of course at this point I just wanna snuggle up in my
Lover’s arms and forget about the world for a little bit.
Not to mention my pups need attention.

One night I have Zumba.
One night I have church.

When am I supposed to fit this in?

Looks like I’m going to have to start sacrificing sleep.
This is going to be really hard for me.
I really hope this craft fair is worth it.

Dear Lord,
I was blessed with this sewing machine
and TONS of fabric. Please help me to 
work out a schedule that glorifies you.
Please forgive me for not being as 
annoyed with my schedule on the days
where i don't get to spend quality time with 
you. I need to be way more passionate and
diligent with my prayers and quiet time
as I am about my crafty time. I sure have
never gotten this annoyed when I don't
have time to read my bible. That's awful.
Will you forgive my stupidity? Will you forgive
me for getting caught up in things of the world.
As pastor Steffan said yesterday...
"Take care of God's business,
and He will take care of yours."
Help me to live like that.
Thank you for your grace and mercy on me.


Maria-Isabel @ Agape Love Designs said...

I love that "take care of God's business and He will take care of yours" wow.. thats good! Thanks for sharing!

I am sorry to hear you were so frustrated! I know how it can be trying to fit in your hobbies with a busy life and schedule. I dont GO to work. But I do have a huge work load at home taking care of 3 kids and a hubby who is just as much a kid himself! lol Getting me time can be hard. But it is important and I try to get it when ever I can. Even if that means waking up at 6 am before everyone else.. or staying up till 2 am to finish a project Ive been dying to work on! :)
Some days I can be on and off the computer depending on how occupied the kids and hubs are. :) SO I try to answer emails, update facebook, add new items to etsy and check out my favie blogs all at once.. like right now no joke I have 5 tabs open..seriously! And I just go back and forth doing a few minutes in each tab before hubs or kids notice I am online and I have to get off. lol

Just know you are not alone. You have loyal fans and friends who love you here in blogland and we totally support you! As well as Seeking God's will and support is number 1. You got it right girl. Love ya! :)

Anonymous said...

The time will come but enjoy this "period" of your life because things change fast. I love you and that precious hubster more that you can know. i am so amazed God chose me to to be yours and Morgan's mommie!

Victoria said...

I completely understand not having enough time. I have to squeeze in my "crafts" here and there. At work my friends catch me writing poems or doodling! It's silly, but it's me. Thanks for stopping by my blog! BTW I am from Alabama, although I wish it was elsewhere. Thanks again! -Victoria

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