Go Red Sox!

If only this is where we could be this weekend. 
Fenway Park, that is. In Boston.
Hubby and I will gladly choose to see our 
beloved team here this weekend, though.

We will be in St. Petersburg, Florida at 
Tropicana Field to watch the 
Red Sox play the Rays.
This is the first time Husband and I 
have seen the Red Sox play in person. 
Of course we watch them on TV and 
get the updates on cell phones... We even 
hang signs like this in our apartment:

Fenway Park's Green Monster Seats - 8x10 Photographic Print

It is our dream to travel WAAAAAAY north 
and see the 'Sox play at home.
And we will, one day!!

We are simply smitten to be travelling 
this weekend to go see our team.
Even better? I got our hotel room for 
$47.00 a night via Orbtiz. 

I'd say that's totally awesome.... 
Especially since we'll not be hanging out 
there. We'll be out and about!!

This is our July edition of 
"A Year of Adventure."
We made a New Year's resolution to go on 
an adventure at least once a month 
every month this year.

Whether it be a new restaurant, 
a new city, or a new activity... We had 
to try something new.
So far we've succeeding in doing this every 
month, and i've only failed to blog about one... May.

Catch up on our Year of Adventure:
May: Ooops....I did have  a guest post while I was gone, though.

p.s. guest posts as follows
saturday: aimee steckowski
sunday: aleks handmade

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