Our Journey to Home-Owner-Hood: Part 2

Be sure to read part one  first!!!

So after talking to this builder, i'm hooked.
I'm ready to buy this house asap. Especially since our county qualifies for Rural Development loans that require no down payment.

We take the plans home, and discuss it over with my electrician father, and super smart and savvy mother. They have so much advice as far as money, homes, and finances go.

Then to decide which plan we want…
We go back and forth from no garage to garage… and over and again.

We decided no garage. I simply did not want my garage on the facade of our home and that was our only option. So we traded a garage for a utility room, larger kitchen, dining room, and master bedroom opposite of the other bedrooms. Fair trade.

Rewind a bit...

You see… this whole time my car had been kinda acting up.
When I say kinda… I mean it was on its last life.

Ok, back to present day...

RJ decided to take the car and have it checked out on a Tuesday.
[I’m laughing at us as we type this]
Come to find out… Total. Brake. Failure. Front and Rear.

$500 to fix it. $500 we just did not have. We didn’t have spare money to throw into this dumb car. We put money aside for our down payment. Not our house. No… this can’t be happening. I have to go with RJ to square away what we were going to do about this.

$500 is the amount we needed to put down for our home to be built. We didn't want to spend this money on my car that we plan to replace soon anyways. This is just a muck. We are ruined. We'll never be homeowners... silly human.

The mechanic company offered a financing program, no interest for 6 months.
Sounded good. I hated to do this, but it was our only option. No question whether or not we’d get approved for $500 bucks when we just got approved for over $100,000 for a home. Right?



What the heck?

This can’t be true….
RJ and I are both crying and upset. Mad at each other. Mad at ourselves. We have no idea what we were going to do. I couldn’t drive this car anymore. Not until it got fixed. I’m mad. Mad at God… how could you let this happen? Why did we not get approved? We JUST gave that foundation $100… and now we have car trouble?? Haha… silly human.

A best friend pulls through and loans us $400.
We take the car to a trusty friend of my dad’s and he claimed to work with us on payments…..

Drop the car off with my dad…. After being a nervous wreck having my husband drive a car with total break failure.

The next day its ready.


-Wanna guess how much?
- Dad.

-Not really, just tell me.


I just start crying. I can’t help it. This is amazing news. Praise the Lord. Not only do we not have to pay back my friend that much money, but we were saved from overpaying for brakes.

-Oh yeah… The back brakes were fine.

To be continued….


Lacey said...

:) I'm glad everything worked out for you!

Jenna said...

Ughh, car places try to rip you off SO much! I'm glad you were able to get a friend to do it for the right price and not lie to you to get you to fork over more money. We're lucky to have someone like that too. :) It's such a blessing.

rushfa said...

i was happy about you finding your home, then read about the car, but now happy again!

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