A short message from The Mr.

Hello Bloggy World!

This is RJ (the Mr. to The Mrs.!) and I was asked to type up a little something about what life is like with The Mrs. while she is growing our little one! I have never really done this whole blog thingy before, but I'm sure wifester will clean it up for me! 

So.... I'm gonna be a daddy! I am soooo excited for this new adventure in our life together, but as I'm sure you can imagine life gets a little crazy with all these hormones flying around every different direction! You know what though? I wouldn't trade any of this for the world! You see... apparently this growing a human deal affects wifester's hormones a little bit. She can get this temper like you've never seen and then next thing ya know... she'll be crying! Not just the mood swings that are quite comin' with women folk, but those multiplied by..... some big number! 

Now it would be soooo easy to just get all upset with her and just tell her to deal with because it is just gonna get worse over the next 7 or so months, I have chosen a different route. It's the whole "kill 'em with kindness" deal. She gets irritable and moody.... and I brush her hair for her. She is in pain? MASSAGE TIME!!! She is just relaxing and nothing special is going on.... time to go Picasso on her toe nails! To be honest, sometimes it is not the easiest thing to do (being nice when she is being mean) but I gotta remind myself all the time that this baby growing business is not some easy task! It's my job as her husband to make life as easy for her as I can! 

As I write this I start to think " Self.... It kind sounds like I'm patting you on the back", but no...that's not what this is all about! I wanted to type all this up to remind her that all this stuff I do for her is not just out of obligation. I pamper her and take care of her the way I do because I love her. To remind her that she is a princess. That she is always number one. That God gave me her as my wife as a gift, a precious gift that is to be taken care of. 

So that is that. Life with a pregnant wife. Crazy , but most certainly worth it! 


LP aka A Crafty Southern Chick said...

Sweet hubby! My hubs was like that with me too--he felt like I had the hardest job, so anything he could do to make it easier, he would! Bless you both :)

kellie from Crafting On A Dime said...

wow what a wonderful hubby you have there. you two seem like a blessed couple. Congrats on your baby and god bless you and your future! :)

elise said...

Adorable. Seriously. :)

Chrissy @ Boerman Ramblings said...

girl.. you are so lucky.. I have a great hubby too and when you have someone so great it's hard not to show him off to the world. thanks for sharing his heart with us!

Andrea said...

Oh so sweet!

P.S. Megan, You've been nominated! Go check out andrea-loveis.blogspot.com, now! = )

Aleks said...

how sweet!! you have a gift of a husband megan! you two are lucky to have eachother.

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