Guest Post: AIMEE {a turquoise cuff: so easy, you can do it!}

So my darling friend AIMEE is here again today! Can you tell 
I love her creativity? She inspires me daily!

If you missed her first post check it 
If you missed her second post check it 
to get to know AIMEE a little before reading her posts :)

Love ya,
I'm off to grow a nugget!

this is so EASY!
i bought this cuff for CHEAP at a women's consignment shop in NY {yes, my mom's store - 
check out her site here}
but i don't like gold. i like turquoise.
i had NEVER spray-painted jewelry. have you? i have been so scared and not sure 
why -- because it TOTALLY rocks now. yep, check it out!
okay. a little how-to tute:
ugly cuff | primer spray paint | fave color spray paint
spray on some primer - let it dry in the beautiful bright sun!
{make sure you spray all sides, nooks & crannies!}
spray on your fave spray paint color!
let it dry again.
take photos to show all of your friends!!
wear it...
take another photo to share with friends because you're so proud of yourself
& just enjoy it! i know i am!
what color would you have spray painted my cuff??


julie's consignment cottage said...

You said you would paint it but..... love it, love it. I would'nt change the color.

Aimee Steckowski said...

thanks mom! :) :)

Aleks said...

i would paint mine yellow. what a lovely tutorial! now im off to hunt down old jewlery i have

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