Mommy Thoughts Thursday {BATH TIME}

You all can go ahead and laugh at me for this post, but this is real, honest, and sincere.

I'm scared of bath time.

I don't know anything about bathing a baby. I don't know where to start. What if I get soap in my sweet nuggets eyes and then they scream and cry all because of me? Where should I even bathe him/her?Kitchen sink? Bathroom sink? Bath tub? Have you ever touched wet baby skin... It's so slippery. What kind of soap is best? I know everyone gives Johnson & Johnson, and it smells oh so good. But, is that's what's best for baby's skin? 

What if baby catches a cold from mommy not drying him/her off fast enough?

What about that crusty little umbilical cord.

Oh my....

I need your help!
Please give this desperate mommy to be your thoughts and tips.
And tell me what NOT to do. I need to know that, too!

And please, if you laugh at me... Just don't tell me ;)

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Carri said...

I've always been told that you don't bathe the baby until the umbilical cord falls off. I have a baby tub that I got from someone at my baby shower that I use. I bathe my baby in the bathroom in it only because it's the only room in my house that doesn't have a vent for the air conditioning/heater to come on and make her cold. I'm always paranoid about her catching a cold from it. My sister has bathed her baby in the kitchen sink. It's all just what works for you, I think. I like to use the Johnson & Johnson, or the off brand that's basically the same thing. I love the smell of the bedtime lotion (the lavender one I believe) but it says not to use it until the baby is at least 3 months for some reason.

The hospital will give you a packet of info. At least they did at mine. One of the things is on bathing your baby. They say not to bathe the baby every day, but 2 or 3 times a week is enough.

Sorry, this is long, but I hope it helps a little! :)

Anonymous said...

When we had David we he still had his umbilical cord we would wash him next to the sink on a towel so that we wouldn't get his cord wet.

Once it fell off we would either bathe him in the sink or we would get in the tub with him and bathe him. It made for some really fun skin to skin bonding as well as made it easier to hold on to him.

Halfway through the bath Matthew would come get him and then I would have some time to take a bath and relax. Heaven.

We used Johnson and Johnson baby wash and I just wrapped him up in a towel as soon as we got out of the bath and he never got chilled.

I was totally freaked out that I would lose my grip on him and the would slide into the bath tub and drown. Never happened or even came close to happening. He LOVED the bathtub and would kick and splash even at just a couple months old!

Brittany Lynn said...

My doctor said that at first I only needed to give Jack a bath once, maybe twice a week. I had a baby bath that a friend gave me and I really really liked that. I was never nervous about washing his skin, but I was afraid about washing his head. Especially when he was about three weeks old and all his skin got really dry and peely ...I thought I had done something wrong but it turns out most babies do this.... but he had little flakes of skin in his hair. I was afraid to touch the top of his head because his head was so soft, let alone "scrub" it! But I was very soft and it all worked out. And at first Jack was not a fan of the bath, but after a month he loved it. I think it was getting used to being completely naked and exposed that was hard for him. Being a winter baby, he was always buried in layers of clothes and LOVED it.

LP aka A Crafty Southern Chick said...

We have a baby bath tub that just sits in our tub. Both our bathrooms have floor ac/heat vents, so we'd just cover it with a towel while we bathed Colston :) We didn't give him a "real" bath (where he was actually IN the water) until the cord fell out (like others mentioned also). I just the regular Johnson & Johnson, because he seems to have very sensitive skin like I do. It's super gentle, and it really doesn't seem to bother his eyes if a little manages to get in there. Let's see...what else? I've heard lots of moms like the baby Aveeno line as well, although I've not tried it. Oh, and definitely take a bath with baby if you can! My husband and I both did this early on, and it was so sweet!

MommaV said...

My little girl HATES bath time! The 1st month she was ok- we bathed her in the sink (after the umbilical cord fell off) she was okay with that. Then she got too long so bath tub it was!and she hates the tub! So I started going in with her, I wear a tshirt cause I'm scared she's going to slip. But it works soo much better-- no crying! and I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the baby Bath line from THE BODY SHOP! everyone is always smelling Jubilee, because she smells so good! :)

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