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Hi The Mrs. Readers!!

I am so glad to meet you today! My name is Natalia and I blog over at Ma Nouvelle Mode.  When Megan asked me if I wanted to take advantage of the free sponsorship for the month of November, I was so excited!  Then I was kinda a dud and didn't send her the info in time, but she was SO NICE to still let me share a guest post!  Thank you Megan!

Well, you might be wondering what the heck Ma Nouvelle Mode means.  It means 'My New Style' in French.  Now you might be wondering 'why French?' Well, it just so happens that my husband and littles live in France!  Imagine that!  My husband plays basketball here and so we follow him around enjoying the change of scenery and learning a new language and culture.  It is a super fun, yet sometimes difficult life (like most lives, I presume!).

I have a husband and two little guys.  So as you can imagine, it can be hard to stay feminine.  I started this blog as my creative, feminine outlet.  I think I owe it to my husband to take care of myself and continue to look nice for him.  Besides, he's hot, I gotta try to keep up!  It has been a very fun journey so far and my absolute favorite thing about blogging has been the friends I have made doing it.  As you can imagine, traveling the world it is hard to maintain friendships.  Well, enter the internet et voila!  Friends you just take with you!

This month on my blog I am hosting 30 Days of Beauty.  I love doing hair and makeup and fashion and I thought why not make a whole month of it?  So I did!  If you stop by my place you can find a lot of hair tutorials and more to come.  Some makeup tutorials like a really easy but very smokey eye.  Also some fashion and outfit posts. Also some awesome giveaways from sponsors or just things I wanted to giveaway. And a little bit of our travels thrown in there too!

I hope that you stop by for a visit, I would really love to meet you!  And thank you so much Megan for being so super awesome and not ignoring me forever! :)

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