Mommy Thoughts Thursday {DIAPERS}

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This one is real simple.

What kind?
How many?
What to budget?
Where to buy from?

Hubs and I have decided against cloth diapers since we will be working parents and will not be the sole caregiver during the day. We totally love and support the cloth diaper cause; it’s just not for us.

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BodaciousDreams said...

I buy what is on sale! As long as baby doesnt have allergies (& Preston has super sensitive skin and nothing bothers him) I will tell you Target brand is my FAVE bc they're GOOD diapers....I like them better than huggies & theyre cheap but sometimes I find better sales at Walmart. & same goes with wipes- I buy the target brand wipes in the HUGE box for CHEAP! & they're my FAVORITE wipes...Target doesnt have newborn diapers though so as soon as baby is in a size 1 you can get them!

BodaciousDreams said...

Also, I registered for a set of 3 cute cloth bins from Target that vary in size...the really large one can fit about 200 diapers then I put all his lotions and bath stuff in the middle sized one & pacis & other stuff in the small one..all 3 bins fit perfect on the shelf of the changing table which made it really convenient. Theres a pic on my fb under "lil henderson" album.

Kelly said...

hahaha I agree!! Once you have your baby shower you will get a lot of different kinds, and when going through all of those you will probably find a favorite. EVERY BABY IS DIFFERENT :-) And baby's needs will change as it grows. When Cayden was little we hated Luvs..but now they work best for us. When they are really little you can get away with the cheaper brands bc you are changing them so much you don't have to worry about leaking.

As far as price goes, I would say Sams or Costco would have the better deal as far as bulk. But other than that I would use Walmart. Target and Baby store (babies r us and buy buy baby mark theirs up for more profit) so I would avoid them!

Storage...after you get through the baby shower pile, just keep them handy. Believe it or not, your kids nursery/room will never look like a magazine. Just go ahead and accept it! The soon you do, the easier things will go! lol

Brittany Lynn said...

Dude, I think yours is the only blog I read nowadays. And I usually only tune in on Thursdays. You are special.

Okay. Diapers. EVERYONE has a different opinion on them. I had friends who were total PAMPERS moms and others who ONLY bought Luvs or Huggies. As for me...I noticed that each brand of diaper is shaped a little differently - well, maybe it's more like each brand is shaped a certain way, and your baby's bottom is different from any other baby's bottom and so it will fit differently into different brands. Pampers Swaddlers were my favorite when Jack was a newborn. They were the only ones I bought. But as Jack got older, I found that Huggies fit him the best and stopped the leaks, where as other brands didn't do that. Every now and then I'd buy a different brand because they were on sale or I had a coupon or something, and Jack would always have a huge leak in them. So for Jack, Huggies was the way to go.

On that note, the Costco brand of diapers were the most like Huggies to me AND much cheaper, so I usually bought those in bulk.

I'm sure that with the next kid, Huggies won't fit and I'll be starting from diaper square one. Every kid is different and my sister in law (who has five kids) said that with each one, she had to find a different diaper because all her kids were built and shaped differently. That's the beauty of a baby shower - people usually give you diapers!! You can ask for different kinds and try them out on someone else's dime. I got enough diapers to cover the first four months with Jack because friends bought huge boxes of diapers and also gave me gift cards (which I used on diapers).

I was never organized. Diapers exploded everywhere. But I did end up having a drawer in the dresser completely dedicated to the diapers, although it helps to have them in other places around the house too just in case of an emergency ;] never underestimate the power of a baby's bum to ambush you and take you completely by surprise. ;]

Aimee from said...

for the first few weeks until the belly cord falls off & they are still newborns - we used pampers with the 1/2 moon cut-out for the belly button area - they are like soft cotton and fit both of my kids really well. then we went right to Luvs and stuck with them until they were out of diapers. we always used a store & manufacturer coupon {sign up now for coupons by mail & email and have your parents do it too!!} and were always cheaper than store brand!

LP aka A Crafty Southern Chick said...

We've been super fortunate that we've not had to buy diapers yet--we're working off our baby shower ones and ones the grandparents buy us (so thankful for that!)...and Baby C is 6 months! We've tried Pampers, Huggies, and Luvs. I have loved any type of the Pampers we've tried, Huggies are okay, the Luvs--so far--have been horrible for us. BUT, I think the bottom line (no pun intended, promise heehe) is what others said--each baby is different. So if you receive all different brands, at your shower, just use 'em up! They're free, so who cares if one kind sort of sucks and you have to change them more? No biggie. I also have a couple friends save coupons for us to use, and check out which stores may have sales on the big boxes. We zoomed through NB, 1, and 2' I would also recommend not buying a ton in the smallest sizes :)

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