Sponsor Spotlight: SIMPLY ENCHANTED

I am so excited to be guest postig here at The Mrs. 

Megan is so beautiful and I think she is going to make the greatest mommy ever! 

I am so excited for her to welcome her little one into this world!

Let's get to know each other shall we???

I'll go first, my name is Ashley and I blog over at SimplyEnchanted

{A blog about service, self improvement and inspiration}

Since Megan's blog is a lot about marriage, I thought it would be so fun

to show you a craft that I made as a wedding gift but would 

also be SO CUTE as a Christmas gift!

Here are the supplies you will need!

1. A block of wood measuring about

2. Paint (Your choice of color)
   {I love black because it gives it that classic look}

3. A paint brush

4. Wood Glue

5. Mod Podge

6. Your choice of any picture OR use a picture from a calendar

7. Ribbon - at least 2 Yards

First take your block of wood and paint till your heart is content!

Be sure the wood is completely dry before moving on

Use your paintbrush to lightly spread wood glue 
on the backside of the entire picture

Place picture on the wood block pressing firmly but being careful 
not to leave fingerprints

After the glue is completely dry get your mod podge and
starting at the top paint thin lines and layers on the entire picture
and wood block.
 {This will help ensure the picture stays on the block
but also gives it that textured look}

Then tie ribbon around the block making a bow in the left hand corner
Make your bow as big or as small as you desire

And your done!!

Simple but BEAUTIFUL right???

I would love to have you come visit me!! 

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