iBelieve: Called to Wait

It's not really fun is it?

I'm in a season of waiting, I'm waiting for God to move and open doors of opportunity. This morning I got an email that put me on my face before the Lord. It was like He was telling me "Meg, I got this. I got you; I love you."

Are you in a season of waiting?
Waiting for God to provide?
Waiting for God to heal?

Waiting for God to reveal His plan?

I'm in the last category. I'm waiting on God to reveal His plan for my life. I know what I'm to do, but I don't know which path to take. It hasn't been shown to me yet. While I wait on him I will be faithful to Him. Faithful to service. I have the opportunity to be faithful in my current season. Where God has me. His power is prevalent, and He will use me if I allow Him.

If I get caught up in the noise of it all - discouraged and angry that things aren't working out for me - I am not a vessel for Him. He is unable to use me. He is calling me to wait, and that will help me to understand what to do next. He is repairing my integrity as we speak so that I will not compromise when faced with encounters from the enemy. He will work out His plan for me while I wait. 

I am hopeful.
Though it is painful.
I will worship while I'm waiting.
I have peace about my current situation, but it's not easy. He restores me daily.


whitneycroy said...

I feel you, Mama! We're going through the same thing right now.. I know what we need to do but we are trying to figure out the timing. The only thing keeping me content right now is hope for the future. Hope your prayers will be answered soon :)

Sarah said...

Oh sweet Megan, I SO understand where you are at. I am just now coming out that phase in my life where I was seeking to find His plan for me. It was a frustrating and emotional time of waiting and wondering what is next... what does He have in store for me. Sometimes it truly seemed hopeless but let me encourage you... He is listening. He does "got you in this". Keep believing, keep trusting and keep seeking. I know He has wonderful plans for your life and at just he perfect time He will unveil this amazing thing- better than you ever expected. It will happen for you- I promise. Let me know if you ever want to talk!

Stacy said...

Waiting--such a cruel, yet precious word. I, too, have been and am in a period of waiting. Some days fly and others drone on as the waiting lingers, yet trust and hope always remain.
To waiting!

Tia @ Military Wife Theology 101 said...

So glad to have found your blog! Looking forward to following it.

Clever Blonde -Donna G said...

God bless. I'll be praying for you.

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