Pumping, Nursing. Working.

The truth is...

At any given moment we're thinking about something regarding breastfeeding.

We're probably stoked out on Fenugreek.

Most of the time we're self conscious of our porn star sized breasts.

Please don't remind us that formula feeding is easier Trust us - we know.

By all means, don't advise us to quit... We might just take your advice.

Chances are we are emotionally unstable due to the crazy chemical junk happening to a nursing mother.

No, we don't necessarily enjoy it. We just know it's best for our children.

We are probably worried about filling bottles for the next day, like really worried, so we don't hear a word you are saying.

We know you look at our boobs.

Goodness are we sick of drinking so. much. water.

Who eats oatmeal year-round, anyways?

Pumping is not comfortable - nor is it easy on the eyes.

Most of us can pump while driving down the road.

We do not admire your disrespect for the breastfeeding commitment we have made.

We do not think we are better than you if you formula feed.

We do not enjoy whipping our boob out in public places.... Even if it's behind closed, locked doors. It's not comfortable. Even if the door is locked.

Formula has come a long way, but not as much as breast-milk.

Yes, we are still breastfeeding.


MSDeyle said...

Love it. I want to say to this to so many people... :)

Bridget said...

Love this! So very true and my heart when I was pumping and working on so many levels! Good post!
Found your blog recently through The Life of Faith.

Many Blessings!

Blogger @ www.fullheartfullhome.com

whitneycroy said...

my mom... who's a nurse by the way... constantly tried to get me to formula feed my kids. shocking, i know! still frustrates me to this day that some people think they know what's best for my babies :(

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