Housing Update

My sweet grandparents just bought a gorgeous home here in Deatsville, Alabama. This is great news because they have been travelling for ten years. They sold their home in Montgomery to fulfill their dream of a mobile retirement. They have seen many great things and plan to continue travelling, but are ready to phase into settling down again. They went to Alaska and plan on going back in December. You can check out their blog, "On the Road Again". Mamaw and Papaw have such a kind and generous heart; they have opened up their house to RJ and myself. We will return from our honeymoon on the 26th of November and live with Mamaw and Papaw for a few weeks (3-4) and then they will head out to Alaska until the following September.
This is truly a blessing! Though it may be a tad bit uncomfortable to live with grandparents as newlyweds, we feel like it is best for us financially. We will be able to save so much money and afford a much higher down payment on a house.
All of this will happen if our current housing plans don't come through before the wedding. A friend of the family plans on moving home to NC to be with her father and brother, but the job market is moving slow and she cannot find a job. We have looked at her house and love it. It will be such a blessing to be able to do the move with no realtor. The house was built around 2005 and has had one occupant. She has no husband, pets, nor children. If she is able to move before the wedding, we will not live with Mamaw and Papaw.
Did I mention that Mamaw and Papaw's house has a pool?

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