Mini D-now

The Lord is so amazing! I am taken aback more and more each day by His greatness! This past week I have learned so much about my savior through the small things. I am so blessed and am grateful for the opportunities the Lord is presenting to me. This weekend the youth at MBC are having a D-now, and I have been asked to help with the girls’ bible study alongside Jessica Williams. This was really an answered prayer. I was given the opportunity to teach the 7th and 8th grade girls Sunday School class, but had to turn it down because of upcoming events (weddings, showers, MARRIAGE!). I was disheartened because I had to turn it down, but would have LOVED to connect with these girls and be a “tool” of the Lord. The very following week Nathan (youth pastor) asked me to do this D-now! Hooray! I felt so bad for turning down the Sunday School opportunity, so I prayed “Lord, please use me to minister to these girls!” Well by george , he did! Our God is amazing! This weekend is going to be WONDERFUL! I cannot wait to see what the Lord is going to do with these students this weekend!

I do believe He has some other type of service in store for me; I continue to pray for it because want to do it juuuuust right!

Oh and an update on the kayaking trip: double kayaks aren’t meant to be taken down the rapids of the coosa river, unless, of course, you plan on going down them WITHOUT the kayak. Nonetheless, it was a grand learning experience (in more ways than 7), and I cannot wait to do it again… in a single kayak.
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Living in Taradise said...

I just picked up the 6-8 grade girls sunday school at our church! Matthew is teaching the 6-8 grade boys! We have had such a blast plugging in to our youth ministry. Have fun!

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