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The Group at Chewacla
The Stream

We recently got  to revisit a new favorite spot of ours: Chewacla State Park in Auburn. It was so much fun! We got to climb on the rocks and pilfer through the outdoors. It made me feel like a character from “The Boxcar Children,” one of my favorite childhood books. I’ve always loved to be outside and to “explore.”  Sometimes I miss being a child. I miss the ability to ignore the sleepiness or the heat (although it wasn’t the slightest bit hot… I was very comfortable). We stumbled, climbed, and fell our way down a creek as far as we thought was safe. I’d love to go back down the stream when it cools off and the snakes are gone. We turned around when we saw a snake skin. It was great to be in the outdoors with some of my closest friends. We just kind of took it easy and did a little climbing and swimming. Morgan and I hung back while the guys went exploring a little further. It was great to sit with my sisser and reconnect with her after a long summer of worldsong.

Monday night Mom, Morgan, Mamaw, Melinda (the florist), and myself went to Hobby Lobby to kind of get an idea of what kind of flowers I might want to use, and an idea about costs. We were in for a GREAT surprise. Hobby Lobby was having a 50% off sale on gorgeous wedding stuff and florals! We got so much stuff for a wonderful price. I’m really excited about using artificial flowers because I can KEEP THEM! They are also very inexpensive and you are guaranteed the right color. We got….. my bouquet, MOH bouquet, toss bouquet, all 15 boutonnieres, the corsages for the mothers and grandmothers, flowers for the colonnade,  stuff for two pew bows, and ribbons for the bouquets. We had to order the flowers for the bridesmaids because they simply did not have enough. A few of the flowers used will be hydrangeas, day lilies, mums, and some cascading flower I don’t know the name of. :)

Morgan and I returned to Hobby Lobby on Tuesday night (can you tell I love this store?) to look at some other things included in the 50% off sale. One of the MAJOR bonuses of having a fall wedding is that you can buy stuff AFTER wedding season on sale. Anyways… we got a beautiful guest book and matching pen. We also bought my two garters that night!

After Hobby Lobby, Morgan and I met Jenn Ingram to talk about some new exciting ACT teen stuff. I’m very excited about starting this new ministry with Jenn. It’s going to be great for the Jr High/High School girls to have a core group of Christian girls they can turn to during distress and just be themselves and have tons of fun! www.acteens.com

BM shoes
My bridesmaids’ shoes came in yesterday. They aren’t a PERFECT match in color, but they are WONDERFUL!  The colors of the wedding aren’t a specific color green, or a specific color pink; I’m using all shades of both, so the bouquet will pick up the satin from the shoes. I hope everyone’s fit so that we can keep them!

Beads for BM jewelry

My Mamaw has been gracious enough to offer to make my bridesmaids’ jewelry! I bought stuff for two necklaces, five bracelets, and five sets of earrings. I have to wait for them to restock to buy the rest for the necklaces! Yay pearls!

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