Day Vaca

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This past weekend my sister took our guys down to FOLEY for the day! We got to do some shopping and just hang out! We had a blast! I love to shop! We spent some money, and paid NO TAXES, then headed on southward. We intended on eating at Lambert's, but it was super busy. Seafood was the taste on our tongues, so  we went to The Original Oyster House in Gulf Shores! I had shrimp; it was delicious! 

We continued on to the public beach where they were so kind to waive the parking fees. Obviously, they don't want to deter anyone from visiting. The clean up crews have done such a wonderful job! Alabama's white beaches were still white, and we saw NO OIL! It was a beautiful site to see the beach filled with vacationers! That's kind of cheesy, but my heart was heavy for the economy of the Alabama Beaches. Of course, they have still taken a hit, but tourists are still doing what they can to support local businesses. 

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