A Culmination Post: several different topics

Well, I have many things to blog about...

1. My church, our upcoming revival, and a year of prayer
My church, Millbrook Baptist Church, has an upcoming revival that we are preparing for. Our pastor has been preaching on prayer and the importance of prayer for the past several weeks, and it is so intriguing. It's so neat to look at prayer in such a different light. The thing that has stuck out to me most is that in order to have powerful prayer meetings, the people have to be in "one accord." Basically this means that the people must be in harmony and believe the same things... basically. Harmony. What does harmony mean? Wikipedia states that harmony is love and agreement with those who care. Hmm... Let's ponder that. In order to have powerful prayer, we must be in one accord... with trickles down to love. Funny, because as Christians we believe that God is love. I must think some more on this topic...
My husband and I dedicate our Wednesday nights to serving the young people of our church, and tonight we had a prayer service in preparation for the revival. I would begin to describe it to you, but i cannot. Marvelous. Moving. Inspiring. Encouraging. One particular student i'm very proud of, Ashton, she stepped out of her comfort zone and prayed aloud in church for the very first time!! 
Revival is coming, will you miss it?

2. I have an interview Friday
I have an interview with the State of Alabama Veterans Affairs as an Accounting Techician.
Say. A. Prayer.
What I wore Wednesday: <----check it out!
I could not get the lighting to be in "one accord" with my camera, so i got aggitated and just started to dance... the result (above) was pretty coolio

not to mention...my hair was all a mess

so i just had a little fun

skinny black belt (hand me down), barney purple shirt (target), 
pop of blue necklace (gift), pewter shoes (target)

dont worry, I tamed the mane before I left the house
editor fun

4. I have the best husband. Ever.
When we came home from church he asked me to stay in the car while he ran in for a second, of course I knew he was up to something. He came out and unloaded all of our things from the car and told me to go inside. I was greeted by white daises, a beautiful and sweet card (inscribed happy valentines  every day), and the sound of running water in the bathroom. He drew me a hot bubble bath, and cooked dinner while I relaxed in the tub. To top it all off, he loaded the dishwasher after dinner. 
See. I told you. Best husband. Ever.

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The WholeFamDamily said...

hahaha, i love your dancing shot! we have more in common than the purple shirt, hehehe.
i really like how you paired it with the pop of turquoise blue, i wouldn't have thought of that, it looks CUTE!!


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