Revived and Renewed

Sunday my church began what we call revival.

It has been indescribable. I haven’t had a great “revelation” or new “calling,” but the week is not over yet.

What I have learned is that I need to be sold out. I need to sell out for Christ. There is a sacrifice I need to make; I just don’t know what it is yet.

 I need to make DAILY sacrifices for the Lord. I live a very comfortable life. I don’t have excess, but I do not do without. That’s the story for most of us. Am I called to lead a Radical Life?

Sunday night the message was about worship. Worship is so much more than a projector screen, sweet graphics, new-age fonts, drums, guitars, a beautiful voice, comfortable chairs, and air conditioning. Worship requires discipline. You must prepare yourself for worship; you can’t just show up and expect God to move. He can, and He will, but you will probably miss it if you don’t prepare to meet with Him. I’m so guilty of getting caught up in the logistics of “worship” that I don’t truly worship my savior. Worship is denying yourself DAILY and putting yourself to the side allowing Christ to shine through you.

We need God’s help.
We need His holiness.
We need to be lifted up to HIS height.
Dr. Don Boone
Our Revival Minister

I wish I could tell you everything that I’ve learned so far, but I myself cannot put it into words.

I’m fired up.
The Lord is working on me.

p.s. I never blogged about our Youth trip, but it was… underwhelming. I had a good time; I earned a passion for Ethiopian missions, but my opinion of mission projects is that overnight (one day for missions) trips should be avoided. I prefer week long trips with slightly more organization. The Lord used our group, for sure. We met some pretty cool kids and hopefully impacted their life; however, I wish I could have stayed longer to minister to them for more than an hour or two. Now all I can do is pray that the Lord continues to send people to help them along their Journey to Christ. It will be mentioned in a later blog concerning our January Adventure

p.s.s. I’m working now, so the {crafty&stay-at-home-wifey} blogs will be less frequent :)

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