Mrs. Productive Pants

Today was oober productive for The Mrs.

My mommy introduced me to
  International Delight Chocolate Mint Creamer
I actually got out of the bed when the hubs left for work and began my day around 7:30ish!
I immediately put on a cup of coffee, let the dog out to potty, and began gathering my thoughts and goals for the day. 

First on the List was to get the kitchen in order. I ran the dishwasher and hand washed all those that didn't fit, laundered a load of clothes, and swept the floor. I got the most amazing domestic product for Christmas... a shark! I love my shark! It makes "mopping" so much fun. It is environmentally friendly because it uses no chemicals (only steam) and has a reusable pad that you wash in the washing machine. The instructions say to let it air dry, but I threw mine in the dryer
 (by accident) and it is fine! I then deep cleaned the bathroom... yuck and "sharked" the floor. 
What my shark mop looks like
The cleansing cloths that, indeeed can go in the dryer!

It's amazing how excited I get about cleaning when I know that the daily tasks call for "sharking." It's really easy to use; you just pour, plug, pump, and go! I love it!

I completed the rest of my cleaning duties (and helped my pup rid her fear of the vacuum cleaner), then I sat down at the computer. I was excited that my hubby needed me to work on the slideshow for tonights' worship, but was dreading fighting my knockoff power point software. It always shuts down erroneously and has to recover documents repeatedly. I was starting from scratch, so I sat down with coffee cup number two and began the potentially menial task. I found all the images I needed, gathered the lyrics, and began. I added the scripture for the message and then the lyrics for the invitation song...l finally finished with the presentation. A pretty good one might I add...
Not ONE shut down! 
Isn't it crazy how the Lord takes care of such small details for us? I love Him so much! I thanked Him over and over because I've sworn against ever using Open Office ever again, but today, it proved to be a charm! 
charm... lol
I completed that around one, and then began the process of something inspired by a blog I read recently about little things to do that can boost your confidence. I showered, washed, dried, straightened my hair and...

Took pictures of myself.
Thats right, I had a self made photo session.
Here are the results:


Don't forget the accessories!

Well, it didn't really boost my confidence (my husband does a great job at that), but it sure was fun! I suggest you take some pictures of yourself.
 I don't have a nice fancy camera or anything, but my cheap-o did the trick. I'm wearing a fabulous headband I got on my honeymoon in Gatlinburg... everything else is from target. If you are anything like me, you will laugh a lot doing this! I had fun. I camped out on my ktichen floor with a small mirror and went to town. 

I know this is getting to be a really long post, but after my photo shoot I went flea market hopping.
I found these ballin' suitcases and my mommy.


stay tuned for how awesome worship was tonight at MBC!... coming tomorrow!


Living in Taradise said...

I bought an old suitcase yesterday too!!!!!

The WholeFamDamily said...

that green looks UH-MAZING on you, and paired with hot pink flats?? that is an excellent idea, i love it!


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