Water Lovin' Mutt

Our Laila is a pretty crazy mutt.
She is OBSESSED with drinking water. She loves it when I put water down for her and laps it up as if she hasn't had any in days. She licks up any moisture off the bathroom floor, and she sits and stares at me while I soak in the bathtub. She has jumped in with me before, daring to just take one sip. We find her sometimes in the tub lapping up the pools of water remaining after we shower. Laila will also lick wash rags in her reach. Like I said... She's OBSESSED. She drinks out of the toilet, too, if daddy leaves the seat up. Otherwise, she can't reach - yet. She will lick your toes after the shower if you let her... and she has now learned that the dishwasher also has water in it. You'd think she were a fish!!!

Here's a video of her lapping up the running shower water. I was cleaning out the bathtub and stepped out for a minute. I came back to find her doing this...

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Miss Ashton said...

Hahah awww, yea! I remember being in the bathroom with you and Sarah and she was in there lickin the tub haha!(:

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