Repost: A Symbol of Hope

As I lay here playing with my sweet puppy, I'm reminded of what all she means to me.... 

I posted this on June 7, 2010 during an extremely hard time for me.

I was soon to be married and unemployed.

Now, it's crazy to see how my life has turned.

I'm currently employed, yes, the Lord PROVIDES!

Me and RJ we able to wed on the originally planned date because 

I did get temporary employment after this post.

A symbol of hope.

This cute puppy showed up randomly at the Volnoff house while i was swimming with my cousin today. It had such a fun and playful spirit; it was loving and gave me tons of kisses. It never left my side and tried to get in the car with me when I left. It made my longing for a sweet puppy surface more than ever. But, i cannot have one until i get a house... which also means until I get a job, and get married.

Playing with the pup made my heart smile!
This glimpse of happiness and hope reminded me that God controls every detail of my life. Spending time with that sweet pup was just what i needed, and the Lord knew that. My mom has said since my teenage years that God knows every detail of my life- even my future puppy's name.

That proclamation has more meaning to me now in my adult years than ever before. I know that EVERYTHING has to fall in place perfectly for me to able to get a puppy, and I'm being patient with it. To your average chick, getting a puppy is no big deal (especially since a lot of college aged girls get puppies and cannot even take care of themselves), but for me its very representative of what I have overcame and accomplished. Therefore, me getting a puppy is much more than simply "getting a puppy." It will also be a symbol of the Lord's providing for me and my family. I'm not sure if you all realize how important my finding a job is; if i do not find a job, we will not be able to get hitched when we had originally planned. Especially since RJ and myself have decided that I will be the financial supporter of our family.

I am anxious and curious to see what the Lord has prepared for me. A few things that are in the works that i ask you (if anyone reads this) to pray for:
1. My job hunt. I feel as if I have drained every resource know. I have simply graduated in the wrong economy. I'm not being picky. I just need a job, ANY job.
2. Me and RJ are looking at a house that just kinda fell into our lap. If it all works out it will be such a blessing. We won't have to deal with a realtor and we know the only owner of this house rather well. We feel as if this is the best choice for us, but, hey, we're only human.
3. My sister is away this summer and her presence very crucial to my sanity, but please be in prayer for her ministry this summer at worldsong.

We did not end up in that house, but that was the Lord's will.
We live in a quaint apartment that we love!

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Anonymous said...

I love you so much and I am so very proud of you two! God is really showing out!

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