"It's Just an Iron"

When life kinda sucks, when the days are WAY too long, when I want to give up, when I ask why…
{ #1 I praise God }
{ #2 I count my blessings }

I love my life.
I love my husband.
My husband is what keeps me going.
He keeps me grounded and put things in perspective.
He says things like,
“Keep it together, baby. It’s just an iron,”
 that make me realize how ridiculous some of my tantrums are.
{yes, I have tantrums}
My husband was made for me. From the highest hair on his head, to his longest toe…. Perfect for me.
My husband is very dang cute.
He loves me with God’s love. He loves me like Christ loves the church.
He holds me when I’m feeling weary.
He wipes my tears when the days are dreary.
My husband lights my world.
My husband treats me like his princess.

I love my husband.
I love my soul mate.
I love my best friend.

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