{Bib Necklace}

So, I totally should NOT be blogging right now.
Nor should I have spend so much time crafting, but I did {what now}.
I should have done laundry

...and taken out the trash.

You see, I had to say goodbye to my husband today;
he went to Maryland for a week and I needed some therapy.
I found a random target gift card and took part in some retail therapy
But that was not enough.
I needed some crafting therapy.
So, I found inspiration from Little Miss Momma. 
Her blog is one of my favorites.
She is real, transparent, honest, funny, cute, humble, creative.
Check out the inspiration story here.
I used a different flower that are all the rage in the bloggy/etsy world.
Glue gun
Scrap fabric
Ribbon or an old Chain.

...the only supply i took a picture of. so shoot me.

Cut your fabric into various lengths and widths.
I totally found some old dress pants... {like really old and decrepit craft worthy} and cut them up.

Fold your strip half length ways... like above.
Then fold it in have the same way again.
Fold down one corner and glue down with a dot of glue.
Begin twisting your strip and curling it into a spiral rosette gluing every half inch or so.
I got a little glue happy...
When you get to the end leave a tail
Put a dot of glue in the middle of the back of your rosette and glue down the tail to secure your rosette.
It should look something like this...
Trim off the excess of your tail.
Continue this process with all of your strips of fabric. I had 3 white, 4 grey, and 3 black. No rhyme or reason behind that. It just worked out.
Arrange your rosettes how you would like them to lie on your bib.
Sorry you cant see the black ones; we have a dark couch.
I poorly edited this so that you could see the black ones, but once you decide on the layout you want glue them down to your sheet of felt. Trim of the excess felt and secure your chain or ribbon in your desired location.

Here is the final product... 
I look a mess, so I let my puppy model.
I hate that You can't really see the black ones. I also hate that you CAN see the glue on the black ones in the picture. You can't in real life. I plan on wearing this to church tomorrow, so if you are interested, check back l8uh for a real person pic.

&& update:
poor quality, but you get the, ahem, *picture*

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Brianna said...

I'm with ya! Getting crafty is MUCH MUCH better than cleaning and laundry any day!! Way cute!

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