I'm awkward and awesome!!!

Awkward and awesome:

Pterodactyl: to everyone else is an 
extict dinosaur. To me, it’s a 
mosquito hawk. Most of my friends 
and family know that I call mosquito 
hawks pterodactyls. When I speak of 
them and forget that most sane people 
don’t call them pterodactyls. Awkward
'squita hawk

My bird shirt I wore today
check out those wings!

Rushing away from church with my 
husband after he’d been gone for a week

A 12 yr old couple playing tonsel 
hockey in the mall. 
I couldn’t help but stare.

Taking pictures of yourself in the 
bathroom at work so that you 
don’t miss pleated poppy’s WiWW
now that's an awkward picture
Co Workers asking what RJ and I 
did Friday night when he got back from 
his weeklong trip. Were they expecting me 
to say something like “play dominos?” I mean, 
why put me in that predicament.

Talking to myself in the bathroom 
and then realizing I’m not alone.

...and i'm having the hardest time remembering the second w in 


Coming home to a husband who 
was cooking dinner for me and had cleaned 
up the apartment so that I can relax and 
read in my bubble bath.

Renting a movie with the husband and 
being able to actually watch it instead 
of multi task while “watching” that same night.

My bird shirt I wore today.
check out that awesome pattern!
Godly co workers; more importantly 
a Godly supervisor.

Getting to make up missed time at 
work from the flu instead of 
going w/o pay

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Cheri said...

Megan, you will love Rue La La!! I'm trying to remember if they send a weekly email or if it just available on their site, but you can look to see what is coming up for the week (or next few days). That helps you put it in your calendar if there is something you don't want to miss.

If you enjoy this, I have others I also belong to. Let me know and I can send you links to those too!


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