The Mr && Mrs' Weekend

Before I even get started... I know this post is a "little" late ;)

The Volnoff household had such a glorious weekend!

First of all, we were complete again when husband FINALLY made it home from his mission trip in Maryland. He didn’t arrive until Friday night after being gone for 6 long days!!

Saturday morning we slept in, and it felt so good! After working nearly 50 hours this previous week and losing oodles of sleep, it was certainly nice to take it easy!

After we slowly woke up {and i did some in-ta-neht stuffs} we got ourselves ready and headed to Birmingham, Al. We did this for several reasons:
1. To really celebrate my hubby’s birthday
2. To spend some quality time together after his absence
3. To fulfill the march edition of our New Year’s resolution
4. To spend the gift card that Wells Fargo sent my hubs for being such a good employee ;) {I think everyone got one}

We were heading up about 2:00pm just “fiddle fart” around and enjoy ourselves when the hubby informed me that we would be going to the galleria to do a bit of shopping. I was overwhelmed with excitement. I love shopping; but I have a hard time spending money. I’ve been spoiled by thrift store prices. This didn’t sit well with husband. He wanted to buy me something nice and new. We went in a few of my all time favorite stores {like forever21} and bought me some new {&&unused} stuffs. When all was said and done I felt bad that hubs spent so much money on me, but he enjoyed it so much. He was glowing while watching me try on little {actually L, and XL} pretties. In fact, he had to convince me several times to let him buy me things. One time, he convinced me to go back in the store to by some new skinny jeans after we walked out of the store. Weird, I know. That’s just the way I am. I am my mother’s child. My sweet hubby carried all the bags, and treated me like a queen. It felt so nice. I felt so special and appreciated. Please note that it was def not the money spent on me, or the cute clothes I acquired that made me feel appreciated. It was the fact that the hubby wanted to do something nice for me. He treated me like I was the queen of his world. He held my held, pulled me close as we walked, watched out for me in scary mall pedestrian traffic, made me laugh, and later held my hand across the table at Carrabba’s. This is nothing unusual for him, it was just extra special since he’d been deeply missed!

After our shopping excursion we did go on to eat some of my favorite cuisine: Italian food, courtesy of Wells Fargo. We had such a great dinner in our cute little booth for two. The service was immaculate. The food was mediocre. We had a great time regardless of the somewhat sub par food. It was good; we will probably eat there again, but we do prefer some Olive Garden!

The following day I was so excited to have RJ back with me during our services at church. We got to hear from the mission team about their experiences in Maryland! It’s so amazing what the Lord can do with willing hearts. They were able to help a partner church prepare and repair a new community center for their poverty stricken community. There is a lot of work to be done, but our crew offered some encouragement and was able to uproot some of the potential this building has. I can’t wait for the Maryland crew to come down to Millbrook in July to help us with a project for our community!

I also got to spend some time with my sister on her afternoon photo shoot. I really enjoy going with her and helping her. It was a blazing 88 degrees, though. Gotta love our two seasons here in the south: winter & summer. You better believe I sported my side-pony-braid. We didn’t really get to “catch up” but just being with her was fun! I love my sister so much!
Here are a few pictures from the weekend!

Me and the Hubs stuck in traffic...

a hilarious result of my boredom in the traffic

Yay!! Open rodes && Toms! the galleria; gotta love that frizzy/dreddd head
This is the outfit that we bought for me :)
I wore it the following day to church!
Top: Wet Seal
Belt: Wet Seal
Skirt: F21
Shoes that you can't see: old

I couldn't help but share this picture...
check out the attitude I am giving husband!!! But I just love this antique-ish lace skirt!!! the top and belt; well they look awful in the picture. I'm begining to think i should have paired it differently, but oh well :)

We also bought me this darling navy cover up from F21
The same belt, and a shirt I pulled out of a "to go in yard sale" pile i made

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