The Art of Marriage

So this one time hubs and I went on a marriage retreat.

You're prolly thinking one of two things....

1. Oh no!! Whats wrong??
2. Why do they need a retreat they've only been married 5 months.

Well hubs and I decided to go to try and learn things early.
We want to invest in solving our marital problems BEFORE they happen.
We want Jesus to be the center of our marriage.
This was a crazy adventure.
We had such a good time being labled the "babies" of the weekend.

I learned to pray.
I learned to pray for my husband when he is acting unloving.
This is not his nature. He loves me unconditionally,
but I realize He is a man of God who is under constant
temptation from satan. Instead of retaliating when we are arguing...
I should pray. Pray that He will flee from this temptation.

That's hard.

Just try it, yo.

We enjoyed a new Mexican restaurant, and got to spend the night away from home.
Something about being away with your hubs it's an aphro. 

Not too mention the adventures of keeping it quiet.
Pahaha... My parents were next door.

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Anonymous said...

haha! just found this post. eww...he's my baby brother! ;)

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