Yes, I'm a Yard Sale Queen

Yard Sale???

Yes please?
I got to go to a community-wide yard-sale on the east side of Montgomery, Alabama this past weekend.

It was so much fun!
I got so many great items of clothes that were either gently used, some were even NEW!
I got a great floppy hat for the beach!

I had a great time with my mom and sister. We hadn’t spent much time together since the wedding, and it was great to be thrifty with them. My sister got some great props for her

I was able to buy my husband some brand new dry fit shirts and some gym clothes… for $2 a piece! I got some NY&Co pants and tops for like… a dollar!!

I got a really neato frito giraffe print dress!... I even made a fool of myself trying things on in folks’ driveway; they didn’t mind… In fact they encouraged it!
you can see me here trying on
this green skirt and cover up, aka
being a goofball!

Tons of great things!

If you are too scared to yard sale; you should definitely rethink going. You’d be surprised what people will sell! I saw so many items that still had the tags on them! It’s definitely the way to go! Of course, the frustrations do exist. You have to hit some bad yard-sales to find the good ones, but in community yard sales like this one… They’re all good! This was a well-to-do (ish) neighborhood and these people all had great items! I’m telling you what, when we have kids… I will definitely go yard sale-ing for the big ticket items; maybe even clothes!! C’mon folks, anything can be sterilized!

This is definitely my new hobby:
Thrifting and Garage Sale Hopping!
{…I guess that fulfills part of my new year’s resolution! See that post here}
giraffe dress ( that i will wear a shall over)

close up of the dress

cute summer skirt in yellow - needs to be ironed

NY&Co Top

Tan Bongo Woven Heels

Turquoise Dress with Belt:
 Today I'm sporting my yard sale/thrifted outfit!
Green Cardigan $2
NY&Co top from above $1
Belt from this shopping trip
Pants, thrifted $4
Zebra Shirt: old as dirt.



Linda@Coastal Charm said...

looks like we have two things in common...both from Alabama and both love buying clothes at yard sales!!! I no longer buy retail unless it's for a very special party etc. All my family and friends are surprise at all my awesome deals. Hop over and join at my NIFTY THRIFTY TUESDAYS PARTY and share your deals.


Ashley@Heart2Heart said...

Just found your blog through vintage wanna bee and love you! You got some super cute things for so cheap, I am SO AMAZED! Can't wait to read more and be your newest follower!!

Sunni said...

Girl, aren't yard sales the coolest things ever? Love them. Looks like you found some nifty stuff!

Anonymous said...

Ack! You dress so cute!

Shana said...

Great finds Megan! I am loving that dress and those shoes! You guys must have some awesome antique stores too! Thank you for linking up!!



Jacy said...

New follower here :)
Saw this post and knew we were meant to be (just don't tell our husbands LOL)
Sooo love thrifting and tag saling!! Nice finds!

CallMeEve said...

LOVE the blog! Hope you'll consider stopping by my sale this Sat (10/15) on the 300 block of Felder Ave. in Old Cloverdale. The BEST sales are not on the east side, they're in the OC! come see!

Great blog, I'm all about the thrifty and stylish!
Hope to meet you!


Sarah Grecco said...

I love yard sales! We have a community yard sale in our housing complex. Not only do I get great finds but I get to meet cool neighbors....WHOO HOO!

Get Up & Go

Shermika said...

Wow! You got some great deals. I love thrifting and going to yard sales. You cannot beat those prices!

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