Busy Weekend Ahead

As my weekend approaches and I muddle through the to-do list
{that's in my brain, bad idea}
I start to wish that I was in some far away exotic place.

This week has been really busy.
Like really.
I've barely seen my husband, and I have so many things that have gone undone.

I just stepped back and reevaluated it.
I asked for this.
This busy-ness that is due to our service this weekend is an answered prayer.
The Lord has provided husband and I with a ministry.
Here I am taking it for granted and wishing I weren't so busy.

Lord, forgive me for being dumb and selfish.
I know that you restore the weary.
I know that you will bless me in return for my sacrifices and time.
Thank you for our one[five]oh service.

Tonight I will be with my mother, father, sister, sisters beaux, and husband to celebrate Mothers day. We will be making Silver Turtles... so much fun!!

Saturday morning I will be working on things for my shop, going thrifting with sister, preparing my dance for the service, preparing the powerpoint for the service, attending the service, and playing games with the youth after the service. Whew.

Sunday after church we will be with RJs mom to celebrate mother's day.

At some point i've gotta catch up laundry and try to straighten my house.
Oh and get an oil change.

Ok... that exotic vacation is looking pretty swell.
Lord, give me the strength and energy to make it.

Needless to say, if i'm unobtainable this weekend.... You know why.


Anonymous said...

Laundry...bleck. Skip it! ;0)

Alisha said...

Sounds like it might be a busy weekend. You'll make it though! God always gives us the strength to make it through the day. :)

just a girl named ashley said...

much love like always! and thank you prayers are so needed.

But dont worry I always get like 5-10 texts saying.. why did you block me?

and I have to say I deleted my facebook I have mini panick attacks and delete everything..

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