Yard Sale Queen strikes again!

I had a super great weekend!
It def wasn't long enough, but they never are.
Friday, Lover Boy and I got to stay in!! Wowzers, that was cool!

We didn't have any plans, so I actually cooked and we rented a movie.
It was a crap movie, but a snuggle opportunity nonetheless ;)
We rented Black Swan. We recommend it to those that have zero ounces
of moral fiber in their being.

Saturday Husband had to work, so I went yard sale hopping with mom, sis, and grandma!
We had great success, see below!
...all 46 dollars worth
This includes an estimate of
4 skirts
3 dresses
several shirts
2pairs of pants
4 pairs of shoes
2 blazers
2 cardigans
Two pieces of wall art that you will see featured in a future DIY project
8 white vintage plates for jewelry display at a future craft show
Two small saucers for display purposes
4 Forks... just because??
1 wall sconce that will be painted
A close up of the plates
I paid $1 for all the white onces, and a $.50 for the gold rimmed ones 
I'm not sure what the forks are going to be used for,
but i got all four for $1

Meet Megan with no makeup
and Morgan with no makeup!
We took my fur babies to the park! 

Oh the anticipaiton!
{check out that crazy muscle tone on that dog!}

 Scouting out the ducks!
this is aunt morgan giving sweet laila a pep talk about how
God created the ducks, too and that we should not eat them.
Laila is not listening.
What aunt morgan doesn't realize is that their is 
duck in dog food!

Sunday we had a picnic at church it was rambunciously amazing.
RJ headed up a kick ball tourney with our fellow church members.
I'm already sore.

What did you do this weekend??
 Thrifters Anonymous

Meet Virginia Design

btw, funness to be had over at amanda lynne designs this week ;)


Miranda said...

Great work thrifting! Makes me want to hit up my favorite spot


Aleks said...

i am incredibly jealous of your amazing thrifting talent. and of your plates!
i want to have a HUGE assortment of vintage plates for my wedding, but all i keep finding are china sets. i stumbled up on over 8 sets of china sets. I DONT WANT A CHINA SET!!!
whew, glad i got that out.
i guess im going to the wrong sales.

Anonymous said...

lol...love the random forks.

Meredith said...

excellent haul! way to go lady:)

Lindsay said...

Way to go!! Only $1 for all those white plates? SCORE! Found your blog @ Meet Virgina thrifting directory :)

XO Lindsay @ Delighted Momma

Meredith said...

What great finds! I wish thrifting got me great stuff like that in my area! I just found your blog through a link up at MVD. You can find me at http://hautetosew.blogspot.com

Have a great day!

cwaycarter said...

Great yard sale finds! -C.C. :D

ReFashion Statement

Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage said...

Someone is incredibly jealous of this find! *that someone being me*
Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage

Alicia Jo said...

Love everything you got thrifting! and can't wait to see the DIY! Following you! Follow me on
Forget me not,

claire said...

Wow, these finds are great!!!

Meghan said...

Just finding your blog for the first time. Nice lookig haul. We are just starting to have yard sales that reaping some good finds.

Melissa said...

Amazing thrifts...

Love your blog!

Love, The mind of an exchange

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