Gulf Shores with My Lover

The Hubs and I finally got away for a weekend! Our New Years Resolution is to go on an "adventure" once a month. This was certainly an adventure. We left at like 9 pm... To get there around 1am. We didn't get lost or anything, but we were very sleepy and did aerobics in order to keep ourselves awake. Ok, maybe hubby didnt, but I sure did. I'm so glad I didn't turn into a shrimp; I ate so much seafood and tried several new places. I'm going to share a few of the highlights with you guys :)

Hunny chillin... watchin de waves...

Lots and lots o kisses

 You didn't know I had dreds did ya?

 Yummy beach/poolside goodies

Lots and lots of textures from the shells!

Scary go cart rides...

Like I said, some really awesome textures!

New Earrings!

I said to hubby... Let's take some of those "sexy laying down pictures"... this was the result. Sexy huh?

Oh the faces of Megan

New Braided headband hair - dos
 Southern Menus
 "caught out in de gulf"
 Lots of driving

More really awesome colors and textures

Beached Whales ;)
[totally kidding, no whales were harmed]
 Thunder Thighs meet bloggy friends. Bloggy friends, meet Thunder Thighs.
You can now send each other cute messages on facebook.

Oh yeah, and crafting during the sunrise :)

The best ADVENTURE yet.


amanda said...

Megan- so not thunder thighs!! How fun, I love going on adventures with my hubby (although we don't do it enough). I'm envious that your that close to the beach.
Thanks for being real!xoxox

Maria-Isabel @ Agape Love Designs said...

Aww looks like so much fun! Ugh Im so jealous.. I wish my hubby and I could get away like this.. so hard with 3 kids! But we so need to do this!

haha I LOVE the "sexy" pics. LOL And that looks your hubs face on the scary go cart!!! HAHA he looks totally creeper like he is enjoying your being freaked out! HAHAHA SO funny.
You photos always make me smile!

Oh and I LOVE your braids! So cute and you have a great body, not so much on the thunder-ness of thighs. LOL

Chrissy @ Boerman Ramblings said...

i am so glad u get to do this. it only takes us like 26 hours to get to golf shores! HA.. but lake michigan is just perfect. we are planning a beach day just the two of us soon!

Aleks said...

im so jealous.
crafting during the sunrise on the beach.
snuggles on the beach.
awesome braided hair.
sexy pix, ha.
road trip.
sea food date.
your a lucky duck megan !!

MELANIE said...

You guys are too freakin cute and look like a blast to hang out with. Loving the crafting on the terrace and the pics of the shells Oooooo pretty.

The turquoise wood fence is my fav besides you and your lover! xoxo

Lucky 7 Design

Lacey said...

I love all your pictures! Thanks for sharing with us:)

Morgan said...

this looks so so fun good for you guys!

Meet Virginia

Anonymous said...

You look great! And it looks like you guys had a wonderful time!

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