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Hello! I am totally honored to be sharing a few projects & a bit about me today with all of you lovely “The Mrs.” fans. I get to share some fun stuff while giving this awesome lady a little break! Like me, you probably follow her because of her joyful blogging personality, her love of Jesus, her fun tutorials & all of her little confessions! I am the editor & projects author to a group of girls over at We post {fancy little} projects, home & garden inspiration, tester-approved recipes, amazing book reviews & much more! We opened our bloggy-doors on march 20, 2011 and have loved every minute of the ride. We don’t sell any advertising or blog buttons – but we do LOVE featuring guests that just want to share a bit about one of our topics or offer a giveaway to our awesome readers! 

A little about me: I am a Christian, stay at home momma to sweet kiddos {I’m currently planning their birthday party – Jack is almost 4 & Abby is almost 2!!} I am married to a stud – a Marine of 13 years {yes, one of those tall bald, handsome & sexy men in that striking blue on blue uniform}. We have been living in NY for the past 3 years and eager for our upcoming move back to the California coast in august. Before kids I was a fortune 500 professional recruiter in DC, wearing dark suits, tall heels, valeting my car and going to swanky meals with clients; life has CHANGED; and i wouldn't want it any other way.  In my “spare” time I design & develop websites, blogs, graphics and do a bit of writing at

Paper Flag Garland: Spring-Inspired
…here is a FancyLittleThing that you can create in less than 30 minutes and add a bit of Spring to your home!

8 Steps to creating a Paper Flag Garland: Spring-Inspired

Step 1: Download this template or create your own triangle flag template

Step 2: Choose 4-6 colored scrapbook paper (you can use magazine pages, cardstock, construction paper, vellum… be creative!) The pink background with colored polka dots is my FAVORITE to use when scrapbooking and I had 2 pages left – so I choose other patterns/colors that would match. Consider finding a creative design that you love and matching other pages to it.

Step 3: Cut out all of those triangles (I needed 15 for my 6 foot entry way).

Step 4: Using the template, punch holes into each cut flags

Step 5: Lay out all of the cut & hole punched flags to decide on an order. Keep similar shades separate by using white or a darker pattern (I separated my light pink & dark pink with a white flag).

Step 6: Choose a ribbon about ¼ inch wide. I prefer working with real cotton ribbon… but you can also use string or yarn (I bought my ribbon on sale last year at Michael’s… it was only $.99 for beautiful white Martha Stewart ribbon).

Step 7: Start sliding the flags onto the string – consider moving the flags to the middle of your strand and you can slide flags from each side making it less work for you!

Step 8: Once you’re done, it’s time to enjoy your finished product and hang your flags in your home. I use push pins – no tools or men required!

I hope you enjoy making this easy craft. I love making these for each season, for birthday parties or other events that we host… endless possibilities! If you make one, send me your photo to be posted on the blog. If you’re interested in featuring this article on your blog or website – send me a message or leave a comment and I’ll be happy to return the favor!

{p.s.... if you enjoyed this, you might like another easy peasy paper project}

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Victoria said...
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Victoria said...

this is such a CUTE post!! i love crafty things!!

Sarah Grecco said...

I am always blown away by your crafty ability! Paper flag will totally happen at my next party!!!

Get Up & Go

Anonymous said...

You always have the best guest bloggers!

Aimee Steckowski said...

thanks everyone --- i loved making it --- it literally hung in my home for 6 months and we loved every minute of it's cheeriness!

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