Rainbow Cupcakes: Aleks Handmade Guest Post

Hello readers..
I'm gone... 
well on my way back from
our weekend adventure
Aleks is here.
Read her post.
hey guys!! 

im aleks from Aleks Handmade!!

im so excited to be sharing with you today!

ill be showing you how to make rainbow cupcakes.

i love baking, but its so much funner if you have assistants

so, go grab them, 

a box of cake mix, 




and food colors

make the children assistants mix up the cake batter, 
we made strawberry
(note, it will vary your colors slightly seeing as it is pink aready)

separate the batter into as many bowls as you want colors, 

i used colored bowls, 

dont judge me, 

mix in a small amount of color 

i then put the batter into individual bags, 

it makes it so easy 

layer each cup with the colors of your choice

you can throw in a few perils or what have you 

i dont layer mine perfectly, 

i like the way they look when you just put them in 

now put them in the oven
let em bake a lil while
pull em out
let em cool down
all the while this is happening you should be mixing up the frosting
and in case a child gets too much frosting
(see above)
stick it outside with a water hose and a swimming pool

so good we ate them without frosting

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